Tuesday July 5, 2005

Ok guys, I’ve taken out my ‘semi-naked’ picture because of all the remarks I’ve been getting. The whole reason for having the pictures taken were, well, it was free for one, and I wanted some studio pictures of myself, just for fun, and if i can get more talent jobs with them as my portfolio pictures, then that’s even better.

Anyways, today, I have a task for you guys. I’m coming up with a music request show for the station and I need to give it a name. I have some names in mind but I’d like you guys to contribute. So do leave your ideas in the chatbox or as a comment. Something simple but catchy.

The party during the weekend, well, the pool party was a bit of a downer, only about 10 ppl showed up! Haha…sorry Gary, but it really didn’t receive that good a reception! We all left the pool party to go to Poppy and Passion, (they’re both one club, but one’s the top floor which plays like dance music and one’s the ground floor which plays R&B, Hip Hop) where one of Gary’s friend was celebrating her birthday. Gary opened a bottle of Whisky ‘Swing’, and it was pretty good. The bottle’s way cool as well, it does what it is named, it swings….hehehe…..I know, so lame. We were there till the club close for the night, at 3 a.m. Then we went to Kampung Baru (I was so worried about going there at 3 a.m. in the morning after hearing all the nasty stories, but thank God nothing happened to us! ) for Nasi Lemak. Got home only about 4:30 a.m., the latest I’ve been out ever I think.

Ok peeps, I got to go now. Am at work right now. Will post some pictures up later.

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  1. miss_anj

    hmmz…Bel. i can’t think of a name.


    ok, so the show is about people calling up and requesting songs is it? kinda like…radio but television? hmm…hard.


    Music 8 The Moment




    Fresh Music of BelC/BelA …BelC is you wad…lolz…i dont know ..gluck on naming..its like naming your baby…only thing is..every1 sees it..


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