Friday July 1, 2005

Just came back from my first day of work after 2 weeks on hiatus. Things haven’t changed much. Everyone’s still stressing about the tonnes of things to do in this place, and everyone’s sick… literally. Cough and flu bug all around the office. Have to start stocking up on my vitamins.

Went for an interview at the US Consulate on Thursday to apply for a visiting visa. The family and I applied together to go to my youngest aunt’s wedding in South Carolina/L.A. in October. It was quite a hassle to get into the embassy building. First, you have to switch off and leave your mobile phone and anything electronic (even my mum’s calculator was confiscated!) in the security area, put your bags through a scanner, get your bags wiped and checked for explosive particles, then walk through the metal detector and get body searched and your begs turned inside out, before being able to check out of the security area.

The interview process was surprisingly quick though. Maybe it was because we applied as a family, and we all didn’t look much like terrorists, so the interviewer didn’t ask us much and said that we can go back to pick up our visas and passports the next day! 10 years visiting visa to the US, woohoo!! So even if I can’t make it for the trip in October, which I am pretty sure I can’t because of work constraints, I still have a valid visa for the next 9 years! It would be great if I could go this October though, we’ll have to see.

Going for ‘Man-I-Look-Good’ Gary’s pool party tomorrow night. Gonna ‘try’ and mingle with all the rich, ‘heir-to-the-multi-million-dollar-business’ kids that are going to be there….hahaha… Anyways, hope it’ll be fun. Gary….it better be! I got to go get some beauty sleep now. Nite kids!!

p/s: FYI, I’m not naked in the profile pic ok…..there are such things as framing and posing….I’m not so open ok…. hehehe…any comments?

0 comments on “Friday July 1, 2005

  1. louyau

    The pic is aw-right … you still look perfectly the same 5 years ago …
    Hello .. Bel … Nice to find you back on net ( I am just someone that used to sit in the same Maths Tuition class as you did … :))
    Keep on going bloggin …

  2. trac_rabbit

    Thanks belinda that asking me to join xanga. U r the 1st one i text  you. Haha! We knew each from irc few days ago. U are the open minded and sexy gal. Actually, no everything can be asked, but i dont mind. Anyway hope u can share anything through our blog. Wish u all the best….!

  3. ro_mu_lus

    gah.. i’ve always wanted to go to cali. down with the stupid visa system. but i guess they can’t help it. If our petronas twin towers were bombed, i reckon we’d do the same. but anywayyyy congrats on the visa. i’d really love to go there one day, too.

    and that is a real cool pose in ur profile pic, I might add.

  4. StonedEwok

    haha bel, it really does look like a nekkid shot 😀

    when i first saw it i was like “WTF!”

    very glam though, nice work 😉

    so what’s the story behind the shot? I’m gonna go do a nekkid (but not really nekkid) pose now…watch out…

  5. miss_anj

    omg bel!! you look so hella hot in that shot! you look so naked! kekeke, mattie! we’ll be waiting for a “nekkid” shot of you on the cover of blitz next sem!!! =p

    haha and yes it does look HOOOOOOE PWOFESSIONAL =p

    yeh, so what was the pic for? are you making a magazine appearance or soemthing? what’s up?

  6. Kevil10

    Just joined Xanga and this was the first Random site i came too…Xanga is great!! nice pic ;P

    no..i am not some creepy wierdo…well i dont think so anyways?? ;P


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