Thursday June 16, 2005

Yesterday (15/6) was my last day at work before my 1 year contract starts July 1st. So today, I went shopping! Went to Mid Valley and stumbled upon this stall that sells 3 pairs of earrings for 10 ringgit (that’s like 1 dollar a pair in Aussie!!) I got a bit carried away and bought 11 pairs!! I couldn’t make up my mind on the12th pair, so i paid 40 ringgit for 11 pairs. Still cheap though! They’re all dingly-dangly ones and they’re handmade by the person who owns the stall. I think i spent about an hour and a half just choosing earrings and the results……

Minee…..I like the one on top left the most coz it looks so vintage/antique.

These are gifts for my girl friends back in Kuching.

I also bought a ‘brandless’ bag and a pair of sandals. All I can say is, I love shopping in KL!!

I’m leaving for Kuching this Saturday afternoon and will only be back in KL next Saturday. Tommorrow, I’m going to the Perodua (another locally made car besides Proton) showroom with my dad to have a look and maybe test drive a Kelisa. Gonna get one for myself, since I’ll have a steady income soon. Poor mum, without a car for the past 3 months and taking the LRT to work coz I have no other way to get to work but to use her car. It’s cheap, small and compact and gets me from point A to B. Does the job.

Okiess…I think that’s all for now. I just thought i haven’t had a picture blog for quite some time now, so it’s about time. Hope you guys like looking at my newly bought earrings! hahaha….

0 comments on “Thursday June 16, 2005

  1. miss_anj the photos! and love the earrings. hahaha, don’t know which one i love more!

    hahaahah, as soon as i read the “10 ringgit” bit, it reminded me of whenever you used to say that here, and me and isa would be like “i don’t know how much that means!” puaehahahah

  2. totallyclassy

    hey bel…i love all ur earrings….10 ringgit for 3… gotta be kidding me…..*sigh*….i need to shop…all these studying is giving me EXTRA stress…..mid valley eh??


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