Thursday March 27, 2008

It’s almost 3am and I’m still wide awake. Can’t sleep. And I have to be in downtown KL in a couple of hours to catch a coach down to Singapore to shoot for ‘Teman’. Might as well just stay up, pack and update my blog.

I was not on the Quickie tonight so I went for 2 events just now and one of it was organised by a magazine. I’m not usually one to make a scene, and you know, I’m used to it, being pure chinese and being treated like a 2nd class citizen, but this incident had me feeling really upset….and stupid. It all started about a week ago when I got a call from a girl from this magazine, inviting me to be one of their “VIP” guests – they’ll provide me with wardrobe, hair and makeup – and since I won’t be on air tonight, I thought why not, so I told her I’m in.

Minutes later, I got an SMS from this girl saying that unfotunately, the people from the wardrobe sponsor brand has chosen someone else to wear their clothes, but they’ll still be delighted to have me as a “Celeb” guest and promise me a goodie bag worth almost RM2000. Ok, fine, I was a bit irked that they didn’t figure all this out first before calling me, and I thought, ya, I’m 2nd choice…fine, I get it. I txted her back saying “Ok. Thanks.”

At first I thought, maybe I won’t go to the magazine event after all because I had another event earlier in the evening. But I found out that my friend Justin was gonna go from this event to that event so I decided to join him. So we went to the event, everything was great, met up with lots of people I haven’t seen in a while, and when it was time to go, Justin went to collect his goodie bag, this girl came up to me, in front of a couple other people and told me, that they didn’t have anything to give me! I didn’t know how to react at first, and my instant reply was just “No problem”. Fine, maybe it’s a miscommunication, maybe she didn’t think I was coming, maybe my message to her was too vague to count as an RSVP. But it really did hurt my feelings, not to mention my ego. To be rejected twice. And it’s not like I’m a freeloader or anything, I just feel like I was treated like I’ve just crashed the party! I guess if I was a real bitch I would’ve said something there and then. I guess that’s why I should have a manager to take care of situations like these.

It’s all over now and I’ll get over it by tomorrow. But if you were me, what would you’ve done?


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  1. w3nst3r

    Don’t feel down, Bel. Things like this happen sometimes. But you dealt that well by not throwing a bitch fit at the event! =) Proud of you. Have a safe journey to Singapore. And have fun shooting for ‘Teman’ !!


  2. teenEd

    hello. sorry for not been commenting in your blog. I’m sorry of what happened but hey! You dealt the situation very professionaly.Well done!  Plus, I am sure your friends and silent readers out there are your no.1 fan! *wink* Have a safe trip to Singapore and have fun! God bless

  3. jillianannchew

    Shit! That’s pretty rude!!! They should have told you earlier and freaky send you a goodie bag straight to your home for what they did to you! I would have been very upset and wouldn’t even bother to rock up to the function. Cheer up, there’s other better things to be happy about… if that magazine ever calls you up again, REJECT back! Have a good weekend!!!

  4. Yerdeh

    tht was really rude and sounded really poorly organised! who do they think they are treating people like that? I would have got soooooooo mad!! I would come over and slap them for you!!! don’t worry, when your even more famous than you are now u can give them back the same treatment. would serve them right!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh, well. Lesson learnt – now you know better than to deal with the same company. All’s not lost as you met people you haven’t met in awhile. What goes around comes around. Best to let that incident go and focus on now.

  6. kimmik82

    i’d mail her, cc her boss and explain that while you’re not looking to get a compensation goodie bag, it is appalling – the way they treat their guests.

    explain the first situation – that they should have confirmed who their client wanted before calling you up, instead of inviting you and then turning you down. then tell them about the goodie bag situation and feeling like you crashed their party.

    having said that, “ok. thanks” was a big vague lah. but a good PR person, if unsure, should’ve checked back with you what it meant. it is part of their job to confirm the attendance list. (e.g. if no clear rsvp, you CALL the person up, and confirm with them)

    don’t burn your bridges though, this industry very small and there will be times when u’ll HAVE to work with them, so keep the mail civil and respectful.

    sorry i cheong hei 😛 but DAMN, i would’ve tongue lashed her at the party.

  7. NiccolasC

    If i were you, and this thing happen I’ll be cursing like a mad dog and making a scene for those organizers that i do deserve some respect here… calling me at first and making me a reserve the next moment and eventually worst than being a reserve…

    to hell with that mag and don’t give a damn the next invitation….

    cheers and have a nice dayy

  8. Anonymous

    Don’t worry, just think it the other way; you just crahsed someone event ~! It is cool, you think you are not celebrity, just a normal person, wouldn’t be fun?

  9. Plat_Du_Jour

    I think you reacted well enough

    I mean luckily you didnt like, throw a fit or something like that you know

    That would make people think you’re a diva of some sort

    Plus it’s just a goodie bag, so what right?

    My mom would tell me not to bother about some small goodie bag even if it’s worth 2k

    Next time if they invite you again, say no in a oh-I-have-something-better-to-do-than-to-attend-your-silly-little-party kinda way!


    That’s what I would do!

    That should teach them well enough on how to treat a guest

    But if I were in their shoes, and if I read this blog entry, the first thing I would do is to send you a goodie bag to your doorstep

    And make sure the next time I want to invite you, I make you a VVVIP


  10. kingofblur

    ‘Pardon? I’m not getting a goodie bag? Oh, that’s okay honey, just give me your name, and I’ll make sure I say hi to your boss.’ Omg that’s purely bitchy.

    But no, I would’ve just said what you said and probably joked about it. Something like, ‘Jior, like that lah now, coax me to come then don’t gimme presents lah?’ It’d be fun to see her freak out, but it’d mean no harm.

    I thought you were pretty two-faced about this, saying ‘no problem’ but getting upset afterwards, but what could you say, right? You handled it well, but I don’t think you should get too upset about it. I mean, like, parties are about the fun, and about meeting people; the gifts are just a bonus. If I got the goodie bag, I would’ve distributed a lot of the stuff from the goodie bag to friends and family anyway. It’s not like I can use everything from the bag.

    I think the fact that you got to meet up with old buddies and have fun with them is good enough. Don’t go to parties just because people ‘promised’ to give you something; find the fun in the party!

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Bel, I have always been a big fan of you, since we are the Sarawakians who survive in KL. If I were you, I think I would have scolded her like as though I am going to kill her man! Oh what on earth is happening? Nevermind, prove to them that they have made the wrong choice! I know you can do it! Loves…

  12. Anonymous

    Journalist and celebrities who attend Malaysian events have come to expect freebies. In fact, some journalist are so picky about the events they have to cover, pens and notebooks in a paperbag just won’t cut it. I find this highly unprofessional to expect something in return for reporting on an event. As a journalist, covering an event, one should be professional enough not to expect anything at all.

    As for celebrities, Malaysian event companies invite them to attend an event to ‘dress’ up the event. In return, they get a gift bag. I find the whole thing quite fake. Just because a company doesn’t have enough celebrities to dress up their event, it’s not ‘happening’ enough. Event companies are all now under pressure to ‘deliver’ the glitter factor by ensuring celebrities attend. That shouldn’t be the case here, but it is. Event companies shouldn’t encourage this and everyone shouldn’t be expecting free stuff. Don’t go because you are expecting a gift bag, go because you like the product/services or the event.

  13. burnburn

    How is it even called a goodie bag when they can’t even give it to you as a Celeb guest? Definitely, you need a manager to handle these type of things. But at least you had fun, who cares about the goodie bag… I’m sure it’s not that good… right? Right??

    Though, this is like a kick in your status as someone in the entertainment industry… treating you like some commoner… hehe. Next time you’ll get what you want.

  14. CallMeSu

    oh bel….. !! i think u handle it well with your preseverence. u could make a scene and make her life difficult but normally only divas would do that. i dont think its wise to throw a b*tch fit just becoz of a RM2k goodie bag. u need to keep a good image in front of public.
    its shows u have a down to earth attitude and sporting. and it shows the organiser wasnt professional at all. if they invite time, maybe u can gently remind them about this embarrasment.

    btw, i saw ur cervical cancer aawareness tvc. i didnt know u can speak so well mandarin!!! i thot 8tv quickie hosts dont speak mandarin at all.

  15. dar_lingE

    Whoa that was horrible. Well, you did well for not creating any scene & didn’t anna be a bitch & all. But I think that you should have at least talked to them (let them know in a nice way) & let them know that the way they handled the situation was pretty bad & rude. They should have somehow informed you earlier have came up with a better solution that to just apologize & didn’t even have the heart to confirm with you whether you were coming or not. Even then, they should have prepared something.

  16. Anonymous

    aww Bel, i think you did it *your* way by not being a meanie back and you know it’s better being who you are. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine you being mean! yeah, you need your manager to say things like this for you! *pats head*

  17. avrilchan

    Bah. The event was too hot, too stuffy and too boring anyways, Bel! When was the last time you saw such a small, cramped and packed VVIP section anyway?

  18. karenispink

    Hmm..i think i might know which event and which mag ur talking about. I was there too, and it was really disorganized and VERY boring. I was at the VVIP area, with the promise of free flow drinks, but after one bottle, they came back telling  us the booze were finished.


  19. Anonymous

    Hey Belinda,

                Despite of the situation I have compliment you for handling the situation well. I understand how you felt man. Just Ignore them the next time they invite you again. You’re doing a great job out there. Keep it Up and Shine On !

  20. Anonymous

    hey? i thought you have a manager? i saw you in one of the celcom event last year and you have a manger at that time… =(

    it’s okay lar… sometimes you just can’t care much… and it’s the magazine that is not professional enough… they should have prepared more goodie bags eventhough people RSVP… it’s common sense… =P plus… i bet when they say that the goodiebag is worth 2 grand… it’s prolly worth nothing… =)

    Chill babe…

  21. Anonymous

    Some people just dunno how to respect others eh? Next time my magazine has something on and we invite you, I’ll make sure my team respects you.

    Anyway, what kinda magazine event management is that? Aren’t there supposed to have more than enough goodies back to go around? I hope they learn their lesson and never overpromise people again… make themselves such a fool really.

    Anyway, you have a great week ahead ya. Don’t let little things in life upset you. Rather, look at the better things in life which we so often miss because of the busyness in our lives.


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