Wednesday April 2, 2008

Our crew’s prank scared the sh*t outta me during our April Fools’ Day episode of the Quickie. You can check it out by clicking here: Quickie -1st April

Make sure you have a Flash player and watch till the last couple of minutes. We had Deborah Henry on the show talking about Cervical Cancer at the time as well and all 3 of us jumped off our seats! hehehe….


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  1. kingofblur

    Omg. It’s so bloody funny! I didn’t catch the live show, but that’s okay, because I can watch it online on repeat!!! Seriously, I laughed my head off. I freaked out when all of you scremed and, for some reason, covered your cheeks and/or ears with your hands? But when the gorilla came onscreen, I laughed out loud!

    You and Miss Deborah recovered fairly quickly. But Rina’s reaction was the best; she would be the first one dead if a real gorilla was there. Of all things, she lay down and covered her face?! Omg, the gorilla should’ve disturbed her and made her go hysterical.

    Omg, this is too funny. I’m still laughing. And I’m going to watch it again!

  2. burnburn

    haha, that’s so awesome.
    the best pranks are the ones that you least expect and when you’re being all serious…. like an interview on live TV!

    you should get back at them. prank wars!

  3. Anonymous

    I saw it all on TV too that night! Damn, the crew really didn’t tell you about the prank eh? You were totally freaked out in the most funny way. Hahaha! Good laughter for the day!


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