Tuesday April 8, 2008

If you don’t already know or if you haven’t been following this blog, I’m in the midst of shooting for Teman Season 2. It’s a travel show sponsored by Olay White Radiance, which I am ambassador of and this year, besides having a new ‘teman’ in Melissa Maureen, accompanying me on the trips, we’ll also be visiting 3 destinations outside Malaysia, namely, Bangkok (Ep.2), Singapore (Ep.5) and Bali (Ep.9). We’ve already shot 6 episodes so far and we have 4 more to go.

We had a press conference recently and yes, I know I haven’t been posting much pictures – that’s coz I haven’t touched my camera at all in the past 2 months!! – but here are some pictures from Ted Adnan, the professional photographer, who happens to be our official photographer and he goes travelling with us everywhere and takes really amazing pictures of our adventures!

Teman Press Conference (03/04/08)
Yes, being Olay girls, we are required to wear either white or baby blue at any Olay event.

With Zadil, the Public Affairs Manager from P&G, Melissa Maureen and Kim, 8TV’s Brand and Communications Manager.

Teman Season 2 will premiere on Wednesday, April 16th, 9:30pm on 8TV.

Here are some shots from the first 5 episodes stolen from Ted’s blog!

Enjoying the sunrise up at Bukit Tabur. After the lighting effects, looks more like sunset to me! I know, my face looks a bit weird and old here. This is not my best angle. hehehe….

Taking a dip in Pangkor…

Hosting a link at the most recent destination, Mulu in Sarawak!

In one of the many caves in Mulu National Park. Amazing!

If you want more updates on the shows and to see more pictures, you can check Ted’s blog or wait a while till our own Teman website is launched. But for now, enjoy these pictures, many more to come and remember to watch the 1st episode of Teman Season 2 next Wednesday, 9:30pm on 8TV.


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