Wednesday April 16, 2008

Tonight’s the night!!! Teman premieres tonight on 8TV at 9:30pm! This week we travel around Kuala Lumpur to check out some of the unseen sights and sounds of this bustling city! So don’t miss it!

The official website is now ready and I’ve just checked it out and I love the layout! Go to to check out my travel blog, pictures and bloopers, behind the scenes footage and also a forum where you can talk about all things Teman!

Hope to hear from you guys soon about the show!!


3 comments on “Wednesday April 16, 2008

  1. burnburn

    Hope the new season gets high ratings. Woah, the website is pretty nice.
    Actually haven’t seen the show… from what I read, I’m assuming it’s a Moculogue? Scripted travelogue that is…
    Pretty ingenious if it is.


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