Sunday April 20, 2008

Just got back from Taman Negara last night for Teman. And tomorrow, I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong to interview a certain Korean pop star who recently made his acting debut in Hollywood. Guess who? hehehe….. So many girls are gonna hate me even more now! What to do? One of the perks of my job….

All this travelling is taking its toll on me though. I’m so physically and emotionally drained, especially working on Teman, I can’t sleep at night because I have too many things floating in my head. I have another full week this week and I honestly have no time to even unpack my bag. After coming back from HK on Wednesday, I have a shoot in the morning and I’m emceeing an event at night, not forgetting the Quickie as well. Then on Friday, I’m off to Bali for our final destination outside of KL for Teman. I’m just telling myself…2 more weekends, 2 more weekends and all this will be over. I’ll have the weekends to myself again. I haven’t seen my grandma for almost 2 months now can you believe it?!?

At the same time, I am grateful that all this is coming my way. It’s just a bit overwhelming when I think about it. But at least I have work, nothing else to complain about really. Okla, got to go now. Lots to do. Keep those comments coming in!


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  1. Anonymous

    Omg omg omg belle! RAIN!!!!!!!!! I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN! My mum is too!
    Last year during his concert, she bought the VIP ticket which cost her RM 1k while mine was free. =/ HAHAHA
    Take care ya, keep healthy! =D

    p/s : If you can even remember, can you please get me his signature or something? 😛
    Nah, you don’t even know me. (: All the best Belle! =D


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