Friday May 2, 2008

Female Malaysia, May 2008

One of my best covers so far(not that I’ve had a lot of covers) and it’s for one of the best selling women’s magazine in the country too!

The accompanying article.

I’m liking the red lippie and the big hair! Me and my ‘fivehead’. You know how normally people have foreheads, or ‘fourheads’, meaning you can measure it with 4 fingers from the top of your eyebrows to your hairline, well, I can put my whole palm on mine, therefore, ‘fivehead’.

Final weekend shoot for Teman back here in KL. We had so much fun in Bali last week. Met up with Nirina Zubir, whom some of you might’ve heard of. She’s an Indonesian actress and one of her biggest movie yet here in Malaysia is Heart. She’s here this weekend and will be guest hosting on Teman in the final episode. Check out for pictures, blogs and even never before seen footage on Teman.


0 comments on “Friday May 2, 2008

  1. LSCentral

    Do you know that the MDG Cindy looks like you from certain angles? Anyway, this is just a fleeting comment. Don’t mean anything negative that comes with her =) I didn’t even watch any of the episodes. Just followed blogs and they sometimes talk about stuff airing on MDG. Tralalala…

  2. Anonymous

    hey bel,

    this is aswad from nst. nice meeting you today. i think u are a positive person.
    dont let the negative criticism bring you down.
    i enjoy watching you work, i sincerely think that u are good.

  3. mofaza84

    When I was small they said I had “dahi luas” too. They also said that its a sign of high intelligent (cerdik). I guess its true..ehem.


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