Saturday May 10, 2008

Hello all!!

So what’s new with me?? Well, we’ve finally finished shooting/travelling for Teman2! I have weekends free now!

And guess what! This week, another one of my best friend announced her engagement! Earlier this year, my girlfriend since primary school, who’s now working in the US, told us she was engaged and her wedding will be held in Penang end of this month!! It’s still quite unbelievable! It was just like yesterday when we were all still in our turquoise pinafore hanging out together during recess talking about how boys are so troublesome and now one by one, each and everyone’s settling down, moving on up the life cycle. It’s our generation’s turn to move on up I guess….. PLEASE DO NOT ask me when it is it my turn, I get that way too much, and when it is my turn, trust me, I’ll let everyone know..
The blissful couple in Vegas!

Anyways, on to other things. I’ve just been signed on as a Friend of Puma. Before, Puma was more known as a sport brand but now, they’re moving into fashion and lifestyle. Not only do they have limited edition racing shoes, they now have exclusive Puma-Evisu jeans, and lots of very pretty tops and dresses! I was pleasantly surprised that they have really nice looking boots as well!
xBoots 02578
Don’t I look just like a professional hiker/peace corp worker….hehehe….far from it….When we were in Taman Negara shooting Teman, we had to hike in the jungle a lot and it was constantly raining. I was really afraid of leeches but this pair of Puma Lutamonte Boots really really helped! Even the cargo pants are from Puma as well. They’re really lightweight and dries in no time!

A sample picture I found on the net so you guys can get a closer look at it. Mine’s black though.

We had to go hiking one night and it started to pour! We had our ponchos on but everyone else’s shoes were soaked, and they had leeches all over their feet! But my trusty Lutamonte kept my feet absolutely dry and leech-free! Made with Gore-Tex tweedlike cloth, it’s absolutely waterproof! I think it’ll work as winter boots as well, especially if you have to trek through inches of snow. The fleece lining will keep you warm and the goretex will keep you dry.

xBoots 02845
We’re on top of the world!! Well, maybe just on top of Bukit Teresek in Taman Negara

xBoots 02809
This way! NO! This Way! Mel and I posing posing for our ‘tukang ambik gambar’ Ted Adnan.

I got this pair of white Puma boots called the Traveller when I attended the KLue Mod Vs Rockers event last month. This was the only picture I managed to snap before I left the house. You know….. last minute makeup and wardrobe check. I was going for the Mod look, do I look it? This red long-ish hoodie is currently my favourite jacket! I haven’t actually worn boots since I got back from Australia, but everyone was complimenting my ‘uber’ cool boots that night, which are actually ‘uber’ cool golfing boots! I might just take up golfing now since I have the perfect boots for it! hehe….

Ok guys, tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. To all the mums reading this…Happy Mother’s Day! It’s one day out of many days to remind you how important you are in all our lives. So instead of always taking care of everyone else, you should be selfish sometimes and pamper yourself always.

My two mamas, my grandmama and my mama!!


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  1. w3nst3r

    How much are the hiking boots, Bel? I am going to start spending more time with Nature! Need to get myself a new pair of shoes for that =D Oh! And my friends told me that Puma’s getting so good, it even beat Adidas and Nike’s =]

  2. StonedEwok

    Hey Bel

    The show looks great! All that travelling sounds fun 🙂

    Anyways, I thought I’d wish you a Happy Birthday from all the way Down Under!

    Hope to see you here soon, otherwise i’m sure I’ll visit KL sometime in the near future 😛

    Take care, and have fun on your birthday!


  3. Anonymous

    hey thr bell, i watch the quickie every now & then and i must say i do enjoy the show =) very natural.
    Im takin mass communications and Im kinda into broadcast journalism, and mebbe i cud i be like u sumday? *dreams*

    =D you go gurl.


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