Thursday March 8, 2007

Teman’s trailer!

I have the DVD copy but I didn’t know how to extract the trailer to upload it on YouTube. So here is a ‘cetak rompak’ copy which I captured with my handphone. hahaha….and there I was on the second episode saying NO to piracy!! But like all pirated copies, the quality is bad….. Hope you guys can make out which is me.


0 comments on “Thursday March 8, 2007

  1. k3lly89

    hie Belinda.. u look great in Teman.. too bad 8tv don’t have repeats for it coz i’ve missed the 2nd epi… can u update a little on where u gals go or wat u did ? = )

  2. tulips_white

    Hi Bel, watch a few epis of your show. enjoyed every moment of watching it. Loves the way you dress too esp the white top that you wore during your epi in Penang. Keep up looking gorgeous babe!


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