Thursday March 15, 2007

Shocking news….

2 of my girl friends got robbed right in front of their house yesterday by machete (parang) wielding men on motorbike. They just got back from shopping around 4 something in the afternoon and had some difficulty with parking the car, so as soon as they came out of the car, a motorbike came near and the pillion rider jumped down and pointed the machete at them! They gave the men their bag and they sped off. Luckily no one was harmed. But of course they were both quite shaken, considering that they had a baby there at the scene as well. So if you guys live around Damansara Jaya and you see anything suspicious, e.g. a motorbike circling around your neighbourhood, please notify the police immediately. Also, if you spot a baby blue bag lying around somewhere in the ditch with I.C.s, keys, nappies, etc. still intact, please let me know. It’ll save the family a lot of trouble having to re-apply all their documents, etc.

What has the world come to…..honestly…..if one is pushed to rob and kill people for money, how desperate have they become? It’s a scary world we live in today. Just be careful and pray everyday for God to help keep us safe.

On a personal note, lots of opportunities are coming my way since ‘Teman’. I’m really grateful that we get so much publicity for this show that it has helped me move along in my career and more importantly, boosted my confidence level. Do check out KOSMO! this Saturday for a write-up on me, also April’s issue of CLEO magazine – Mimi and I posed for a 6 page fashion spread which I can’t wait to see!! I also have a 2 page fashion spread in the April issue of Seventeen Mag, and for those of you who subscribe to Chinese papers, e.g. Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Sin Chew Daily, Oriental Daily News, do let me know if you see a write up on me so I can go get a copy or something. Also Chinese magazine, TV Times and E-Move. Someone might have to translate what they write for me though. hahaha…. You know what, the other day, I bumped into my own standee at Watson’s!! So embarassing!!! If you go to any Watson’s store now, you might see Mimi and my face on the POS or the shelves/box they put the Olay White Radiance in. I look so funny! All you can see is my huge nose and my big mouth with lots of teeth!! hahaha…..

What’s up with me right now? Well nothing much, we’re still doing quite a lot of publicity for Teman, so that’s keeping me quite busy. I’ve also been going for lots of castings and auditions, hopefully a new project will come out from there. A lot more people contacting me about emceeing gigs, which is great coz I can make more money! This year is staring off at a pretty good note for me. Hopefully it’ll get better and better as the months go by. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, if you’ve nothing better to do, head on over to, read my blog about the trip, download wallpapers, register and discuss about anything in the forum, see pictures, everything you need to know about Teman is on the website. So click on over there ok??

I’m going to Terengganu (again…) tomorrow, not for a shoot, but for a kenduri kahwin (Malay traditional wedding ceremony). Will be back by Saturday evening!! Will update again soon! Remember to always be careful, take care and God Bless!!


6 comments on “Thursday March 15, 2007

  1. burnburn

    This world is pretty crazy when people get desperate. you can get angry at those men, but they have their own story to tell too. they might have a starving family, and only driven to these circumstances because they have no other choice.

    I read Forbes’ latest list of richest people in the world. If only they can just donate just a bit… Bill Gates is still number, with US$60+ Billion… surely he can just spare $1 billion to the needy. He’ll still be the richest. sighs. Hope Joe’s family isn’t too startled.

    Congratulations on all your publicity. It definitely sounds like you’re on a role. And from what I can see, you’ll just get more gigs and chances later on. Keep it up, don’t let your dream die!

  2. kimmik82

    tell me abt it. first day i moved into my place (the one u dropped me off at), some motorbike guy tried to snatch my bag. ruined all my groceries. worst thing was i had twisted my ankle and the next day was to be my first day of work at the paper. limped around for the entire first week =(

  3. mamoyo

    =( seems like the world IS a pretty violent place now. stories to tell or not, there are choices to practice good.

    my car nearly got stolen the other day. thank goodness I was awake. Crime doesn’t escape anyone… it’s just frightening to know this fact.


  4. anon8888

    About the mugging, it sounded very familiar to me. I was mugged 3 years ago in Damansara Utama by what sounds like the same people! Two guys on the motorbike, the pillion rider came off the bike and pointed his parang at me, I dropped my bag on the ground, he took it and the both of them sped off. I remember what the pillion rider looked like, fierce looking guy with a moustache, not very tall, and they both look like Indonesians. If these are the same robbers, then i’m very appalled that after 3 years, that they are still on the loose in the Damansara area! I’m no longer living in DU, thank God.


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