Sunday March 18, 2007

I’m such a perfectionist that sometimes, when i see people with imperfections, or something which I deem is not right, I feel the need to correct it or let them know! I can’t help it! It’s just this nagging feeling in me to tell this other person that his fly is open, or they have vege stuck in their teeth, or that they’re chewing very loudly, and it may seem improper at times, but if i don’t open my mouth I feel like I’m committing a crime and I’m gonna explode inside out. Some people might not want to know it, some people are happy the way they are and see my ‘advice’ as rude and intrusive. I know that, and sometimes, when it gets unbearable, I just have to walk away and ignore. Do you think that’s weird? I think I need to just stay out of other people’s business and take care of my own.

And you know what, I can’t stand fakes. Full stop. I think that needs no explanation. Two-faced people just annoys the hell out of me, I know it’s good PR to be nice to anyone and everyone, even people you do not like but I just find it so freaking deceitful!! If you don’t like me I rather you not talk to me at all then pretend to be all nice to me but when no one’s looking, the claws come out. Gosh! Get real ok?

So sorry bout this lil bitching session here guys. You know we girls have to bitch once in a while…. so indulge me just this once ok?

Remember to catch Teman this Wednesday. We’re in Melaka this week and I had the best time there! We did so many things and they were all truly memorable. So remember to watch this Wednesday, 9:30pm on 8TV!

Oh, and I’ll also be on 8TV’s Celebrity Chat with Ruzy on the 28th at 1:30pm. It’s a live interactive chat show so send in any questions you might have via SMS and it’ll appear on screen and I’ll try my best to answer all of them!!

Since publicity for Teman started, I’ve been answering a lot of ‘travel’ questions and have been asked to dig into my own photo archives for pictures of my travels, outside Teman. I realised that I have a lot of really beautiful pictures from my trips around Australasia. Here, I present to you, some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve taken around Australia and New Zealand.

I’ll always have a soft spot for this place, Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

xmelbourne 003
The breath-taking view of the Twelve Apostles at the Great Ocean Drive in Melbourne, Australia.

Sunset at Victor Harbour, Adelaide, Australia.

Hangover Bay, Perth, Australia.

xQueenstown 7
Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand. Love Love Love Queenstown! The whole place is just so awesomely beautiful!

xQTN Glenorchy1
Glenorchy, Queenstown, New Zealand. Somewhere around here was where they shot a couple of scenes from The Lord of The Rings. Cool…

I’ll leave you guys at that for now. Looking forward to hearing all sorts of comments from you guys so keep those comments and chatters coming ok? Good or bad…..doesn’t matter. Take care and keep it REAL!!


0 comments on “Sunday March 18, 2007

  1. burnburn

    I guess some people just try to be “nice” and polite in front of your face so they pretend to be interesting in what you say. But it is a bad quality to have if you just turn your back on them straight away and talk crap about them.
    Dun keep it inside you Bel, these people aren’t even worth the effort of getting annoyed at.

    Nice pictures, I esp like the shot of Victor Harbour in Adelaide. Haven’t been but definitely will go one day. Sighs… I don’t even know my own backyard. And I’ve lived in Aus for so so long.

    Take care!

  2. lilmui

    hey babes.. congrats on ur awesome show!! Seems like you’re taking flight with all this stuff!! Way to go! It sucks with fake people.. i hear ya on that one. But industry is industry… that’s what happens!

  3. terenceyflai

    Can’ get enough of Australia… next stop will be New Zealand for me…Coast of Margaret River in Perth is awesome too… did you manage to go there???

    Neewayz, will definitely be tuning in to “teman” this wed to check out my Malacca and see if y’all been to any interesting place there 🙂


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