Tuesday March 20, 2007

Here’s something I received in the mail today.

TEST ANSWERS……really ingenious ones in fact!

He/She is not exactly wrong, they ask to explain the shape of the graph right?! hahaha..

If you can’t read this properly, the questions asked why this engineer’s boss fired him although he came out with this theory of heat reducing ocean liner…. Because he slept with his boss’ wife! Somehow I am sure that this paper belongs to a he.

This one takes the gold! So efficiently smart and simple!! hahahah…..

This one’s a bit weird but….I know, people come up with the weirdest things when they’re bored.

Don’t understand the question at all?? Make up your own questions!!

This one is so cute! Especially with the teacher’s comment there!

I didn’t understand this question at all!! But the answer was genuis, how to check if the kittens were female? Check if they had a vagina first!! hahahaha!!

This one takes the silver to being simple and efficient!!

Compared to all the above nonsense answers, this one takes the cake!!! In her planet, the elephant is larger than the moon!! And if you’re a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire fan, you’d know that she actually took the 50/50 option on this one because there are 2 answers left!!

Hope this cracked you guys up like it did me!! Thanks for the forward Colin!!


0 comments on “Tuesday March 20, 2007

  1. burnburn

    I got these in my email a while ago, with many more also.
    but i haven’t seen the millionare one. lol. elephant… though… i’m pretty sure that’s photoshopped…
    but the others? hahaha. i remember when i did my math’s exams, if i didn’t know it, i’d just write random stuff and hope for some marks also.
    as long as what i wrote looked technical, i hope the teacher won’t be bothered to look through it all. and just give me some “effort” marks. haha. like the first one, the person actually got 1 mark!

    lol, this reminds me how my friend was a tutor in commerce, and i told him to give this person pitty marks.

  2. nawooz

    Actually, I read some background on the millionaire bit. She called her friend and didn’t trust her enough. She then asked the audience and got it narrowed down to 2 options…and chose the wrong one. Where’s is Darwin when you need him?


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