Wednesday March 28, 2007

Actually I don’t have much to update about. Been quite busy and I’m enjoying work so far. It’s funny how much you can learn about yourself by answering questions about yourself. And I feel like now that I know the real me, I’m more mature and more confident! I feel so grateful and blessed to be apart of this show. This is definately the break that I needed.

On a different note, let me pose a questions out to you guys, do you think it’s better to be photogenic and look alright in person or to be better looking in person but not so nice in pictures? Take into account my profession. A lot of people see my pictures and say I look older, very chinese, chubbier etc. I know it myself that I’m not very photoghenic, especially when in thick makeup. But I need good pictures to get work. How? How do I make myself more photogenic? Is there a way to make a person look more photogenic?

I have a headache! This is such a random post! hahaa…..gonna go lay down and rest now. Take care peeps!! Keep watching Teman, Wednesday, 9:30pm ok?


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  1. burnburn

    I think the important thing is to find yourself a good Photographer. And choose the right angles and lighting for your portfolio shots.
    Or do you mean in footage? If that’s the case, it’s more about your acting and the “chemistry” you have with your onscreen partners. A face can only take you so far. What’s real important is you to be yourself and let it shine out.

  2. Yerdeh

    random! hmmm, i guess for ur line of work it’ll be better to be photogenic because half the time people don’t actually get to meet u in person but see u in mags and on the telly? then they notice u and go ‘hey, isn’t that…’ & then they’ll go look for stuff u’ve been in and watch the programmes u host etc.

    but seriously, in order to be photogenic u have to be pretty anyway (which u are)!! hey ugly people don’t photograph well regardless la…

  3. xaler

    to tell you the truth, it’s a good question and one that can be related. i know a few people that seem to have the habbit of looking great in photos and in person. you gaze for a flaw but you can’t see it. for those that bend the rules a little and either look great in person or better in photos tend to have their own self doubt at times. in the end acceptance in the real world is more important but if you are doing this as a career perspective, it takes a sh*tload of guts and stepping out of your comfort zone to make it work. try meditation and detaching your personality. how you would accomplish that beats the hell out of me. best the luck.


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