Saturday March 31, 2007

That which ignited the question from my previous post. For all of you outside of Malaysia….

Seventeen Magazine, April 2007
Me with all my favourite stuff!

They chopped off my feet!! hahaha….. My arms!! So flabby!! Need to work out!! ARGH!!!

Putting this in just coz I think she’s so gorgeous!! Sharifah Amani, the IT girl in the Malaysian acting scene!

CLEO Magazine, April 2007
My chance of a lifetime to be featured in the best selling women’s magazine in Malaysia and I have to look fat!!

Decent full shot. Close Up….No comments.

Look at my face close up!! I just look so weird I don’t know what to say!

I guess all I can do now is just laugh at myself and concentrate on what I know I can do better….and that might be talking…hahahah….might…


0 comments on “Saturday March 31, 2007

  1. Yerdeh

    i don’t think the last two photos did u justice, ur prettier than that! tho i liked the cover shot, and I dun think u look fat! 🙂

  2. zoescarlet

    is the white dress from FCUK?

    And I love the black and white dress.. you look great in those shots

    sometimes fashion shots are meant to be different then ur everyday wear!

    You look great in it! AND NO U DONT LOOK FAT!! ^^

  3. weiking

    Wow just had a quick read of the comments on the side there… some anonymous people just seem to give criticism so easily dont they. I dont think anyone should criticise people they dont know very well. Keep up the good work! You look great in real life and in pictures

  4. nightstar

    hmm yea i hate it when photographers massacre me on pictures!!! i think the pic of you in the white printed dress and green top was an unflattering angle, makes ur arm look a bit big. but you look fabulous in all the other shots, overall. and we all know ur super skinny in person. so no worries lah! 🙂 overall very gorgeous babe! 😉


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