Tuesday April 3, 2007

Thank you all for your input on my little topic of being unphotogenic. I guess the cliche saying, “Nobody’s Perfect” applies to everyone, no matter how flawless you may look on the outside or inside! Well….unless you’re a nobody, then you’re perfect….get it?!?!?! hahaha…. I’m in a joking mood today.

I Justin Timberlake!! Love love……. This little piece of movie/video for his single, What Goes Around Comes Around, as you’ll find out in the credits, was written by Nick Cassavetes, son of John Cassavetes, whom some of you film students might know, is the first american director to popularise Cinéma Vérité or naturalist cinema. I think this style of cinema has evolved to what we know of today as reality tv. Hehehe….little things that I still remember from Film class back in Uni. This is where all the rumours of JT being involved with Scarlett Johansson came about, from this video. But it does look quite convincing doesn’t it? As much as I wish JT is mine, all mine!!…hahahah…. they actually don’t look half that bad together, don’t you think?

YaY!!!! I’m going for Kanye West this weekend!! Can’t wait! Here’s to touching the sky!


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  1. luxen

    That part where you’re promoting Olay in Teman is a far of from Cinema Verite. Quite In-Your-Face type of hard sell don’t you think? Olay got a good deal for the money they’re paying as main sponsor, however it does give the show a slightly unnatural feel to it.

  2. luxen

    I personally like the Dogme style though. Its how most people shoot in Malaysia. Not because we’re purist, its because can’t afford equipment!


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