Thursday November 30, 2006

I’m having a bad day, a bad month in fact. Firstly, I just received word of 2 devastating blows to my ‘career’ or the lack thereof! I shall spare you all from the sob story, but I feel like just leaving everything here to start anew somewhere else. But that will be very cowardly of me and running away won’t solve my problems. I have to first reevaluate again what I really want out of life, out of my career.

Secondly, the modem at home is dead after the thunderstorms we’ve been having the past 2 weeks. We’ve just bought a new modem and now the wireless router is acting up so I cannot go online on my Mac. I have so many pictures to post up on my blog, and….. well, it’ll have to wait. And to add to the frustration, everytime I call the help centre, I am put on hold, passed to another person, listen to annoying ‘musicbox’ music and in the end, no help is given. I’m giving up on this one. I’ll wait for my dad to come back to get it sorted.

On the bright side, I guess the perks of being jobless is that I get to travel. I’m leaving for Singapore later today to go chill with my sis for her birthday weekend. Then next week, I’m going to Manila to go see Joe who’ll be working there the whole of this month. For Christmas, my family and I will be going on a holiday to Dubai. So at least I’ll have places to see and people to meet, so I won’t get miserable just sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself.

I better go pack now. I’ll update again when I get back from Singapore (that is if the router problem is sorted by then). Peeps in Manila, any recommendations on where to see and what to do when I’m there? Joe will be working on weekdays, so I’ll be exploring the city by myself mostly, is it safe?


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  1. yivontai

    Sounds like a great plan gal !! S’pore, Manila and Dubai..Go have fun !! Dubai is one of the nicest place on earth. There loads to see and if you have the chance do ask them where’s Palm Island ( aka The Palm ) ..damn “cun” housing area on a man made island  as well as the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel ..and not to mentioned the place is a shopping haven!! all those bazaar ..You can get almost eveything there..I bet you’ll buy loadss of stuff 🙂 and please remember to take loadsssa photo’s ! Cheers Bel!

  2. burnburn

    yeh, go on a holiday and enjoy yourself a bit.
    u’ve been working way too hard this past year.

    hhmmm. don’t you have a manager or something to look after your career? Or do you look after yourself? I think it’s important to find a good agent/manager that will want to find you and promote you.

  3. miss_anj

    ooh dubai?? sounds good!

    hey, don’t worry. everything will come through for you eventually i’m sure. otherwise you and Joe can always come back here! =D

  4. toochoong

    manila, huh?

    hm, check out this place called The Fort.. it’s a still developing area in makati.. good place to chill..
    while there, make sure to check out the club Embassy.. one of the most “happenning”, i’d say..

    for a more laidback shopping outing, go to the mall Powerplant @ Rockwell.. it’s like Ikano..

    you could probly figure out the rest urself.. and yes, it is safe out there –,

    enjoy! 🙂


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