Tuesday December 5, 2006

Pictures Galore!!

My wireless is finally up and running!! Just when I thought I’d be jobless and so looking forward to my vacation, random jobs keep pouring in that now, I have to delay my Manila trip. I realised I’ll be missing the MET10 Awards this Sunday and also the first Blast Off 3 Concert on the 23rd because I’ll be away! Oh well…..do go check it out if you guys are in KL then.

Anyways, I have quite a few pictures to post up. I haven’t been out partying for a while now so this blog is a bit deprived of party pics. My friend, Jing’s brithday was on the 24th last month and he threw a party at Palacio, Asian Heritage Row. So I brought along a few of my girl friends from Kuching and we partied the night away!!

Jing’s Birthday @ Palacio, AHR
The Birthday boy…

With Joanne and Pretty Claire

Kuching babes partyin’ KL Style!! L-R: Daphne, Joanne, Cherie, Me and Kar Ling(?) *I hope i spelled her name right.

Late last month, one of Joe’s good friend,Wing Fei, got married. So we were there to join in the celebrations!

Wing Fei & Agnes’s Wedding @ Sheraton Subang
The gang with the groom, 3rd from right.

Me and Joe. My new dress from….where else but Forever21!!

With the bride and groom and their family members.

Look at this drunkard photographer, all the pictures taken off centre!! tsk tsk…..

My sister celebrated her 27th birthday last Saturday. Mum and I drove down to celebrate it with her. It was my first time driving into Singapore! hehehe…. Her husband and his family booked out a chalet near the sea and we all had a nice bbq dinner and a great relaxing weekend.

Audrey’s Birthday @ Aloha Loyang Chalet, Singapore

My sis and her hubby

Mum, Aud and Me, Dad was up north in Penang for work so he didn’t join us.

A/X Special – November’s VMag

Check out the Afro! It’s all my own hair!! They took about an hour to curl my hair with a tiny curling iron and after that, they combed it out with a brush for that frizzy look! Ouch! I look like a man here….

I’m gonna go catch the repeat of America’s Next Top Model now. Till the next post, take care!!!


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  1. nightstar

     i LOVE a/x and thier colour combination for the season! it’s so rebel compared to the other colours the other labels are going for…and ooh i like your pink top/dress 😉


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