Thursday October 7, 2004

I started re-watching the OC from the first episode last night on DVD and i’m fast getting hooked!! At first i thought Ryan’s acting was terrible, but he’s starting to grow on me. Love Seth ! He’s funny without even trying to be! And he’s so cute too! But the character i like most is…. Sandy Cohen! He’s such a cool dad and he’s cute in a kooky kind of way. And the chemistry between him and Kirsten is very believable.

I now understand the craze that has been created by the OC in the US. It is a catchy show, just like a catchy song, when you first hear it, it’s ok…but once u listen to it more….you can’t get enough of it! Anyways…gotta go watch the OC episode 11 now. Will be waiting for the last nine episodes patiently!! heheheh…

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  1. weiking

    Again with the OC! I happen to have the whole of season 1 on dvd but have never felt the urge to watch it untill all this talk of it everywhere. 

    Anyways for the first time yesterday i watched the first episode. The girls are hot, thats about it. I still dont get it….

  2. miss_anj

    hhahah…i can’t believe u dedicated an entire entry to the OC. hehahahaha..but i love it. =p

    oohh…how did u like episode 11? i love that one…the “homecoming” episode isn’t it? one of my very favourites.

    last nite, a bunch of us sat down and watched the last episode again. hahaha, so good. =D

    and im sorri bel! i’ll try and get that last disc of oc to u soon!!! =p


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