Tuesday October 12, 2004

All part of The O.C. withdrawal symptoms. Anj….

I ended going to the media lecture today. Hehe…It was good in a way coz today’s lecture was about careers and employment. How to market yourself in a world where almost every graduate has the same qualifications and experiences as you. I asked the careers counsellor about my chances working here and well…she says unless i apply for PR, it’s slim.

And for the rest of u UNSW students out there, you can actually make an appointment with the careers counsellors on their website and they’ll go over your coverletters and resume with you. She didn’t mention anything about a fee, so i presume it’s free. And also, if any of you are totally lost about what you want to do, the School of Psychology is conducting this Careers Guidance test for $50 and they’ll be able to tell you, quite accurately according to the lady who lectured today, what kind of work your personality and skills are suited for. I’m thinking of going to take the test. Might help me in my quest for a job. I mean, I do have an idea of what i want to be, but maybe this test might show me that i’m heading towards a wrong direction, who knows?

Anyways, although I didn’t write this blog during the lecture period, I had promised some shout-outs. So…this is a shout-out to Isa, Hazel and Matt! Hope you guys had a great, hot, spring day!! And another scorcher to look forward to tomorrow!

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  1. marboy

    you’re an overseas student?

    hmmm thats hard…..i thought if you have a degree the immigrations would just allow you to stay here? and applying for PR wouldnt be difficult?

  2. weiking

    The OC has taken over the world i tell ya! I lent my friend the series and he ended up staying up till 6 am watching it on a friday night! I cant look at him the same anymore. The shame the shame!

    Evil i tell ya! The OC makes the world a gayer place.


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