Thursday September 23, 2004

Sometimes i think i’m too straight forward and straight laced, which might make people think i’m stuck up. To me, black is black and white is white, there’s no in-between, that’s why I know I won’t make a good lawyer or a business person.

Like today, (matt would know this, he laughed at me for this which made me think…thanks matt heheh..) when Viv asked me whether i wanted to attend this party she had extra tickets to tommorrow night…i just said “Nah”, straightaway, whereas another person with more people skills might go, “umm…i don’t think i can make it/ i’m not a big fan/ i have plans etc…” Truth is, i didn’t want to go, and i didn’t want to make excuses for myself. My policy is honesty and I feel that telling the truth to everything will solve all problems, which Joe points to me, is far beyond the case, especially in the ‘real’ world. Am i just being too naive?

For example, our new housemate who is moving in with us had a fall out with his housemate because of silly things which i wouldn’t go into details. I just think that their friendship can be fairly easily fixed if both of them can just sit down and tell each other what they feel about each other, instead of having penned up feelings of hatred about this and that for one another. If one party or another doesn’t like hearing the truth then that’s too bad. At least you got it all out and if that makes you not be friends anymore, well….I think it’s still better than having penned up hatred for someone and bitching behind their backs. And really, if i was offending anyone, I’d rather you tell it to my face, so I can learn from my mistake (or not), rather than having people smile and say good things to me but bitch about me right after I leave the table. And also, you’ll get to learn a side of you which other people can see and you don’t. Make sense?

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  1. tingting627

    hey bel!! i had a honesty thing with my close friend the other day…..its good to be honest…but the person hearing the honest words…might get hurt…but it goes away and u just end up like u say.. more enlightened abt yourself!

  2. miss_anj

    hehe…bel, sounding so solemn.

    but yeh…truth is always good…i guess it just depends on how ppl tell u the truth sometimes…cuz sometimes ppl tell u the truth but they say it so un-tactfully that it just comes out sounding rude.

    but it’s ok bel….none of us think u’re stuck-up. we love you! stay in Sydney!!! =D

  3. StonedEwok

    hehe, sorry for laughing at you bel, i’m just easily laughable.

    i completely admire your straight-forwardness, a skill which i am yet to acquire.

    Too often I get myself into tricky situations all because I am too chicken to be honest about something as simple as saying “NO”. (ie. i can’t go to BLAH, because my “GF” wants to go out for dinner…haha ring a bell?)

    Anyways, its a good trait to have.

    Eprops as always.



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