Saturday September 18, 2004

I’m sooo tired. Feel like just dropping all responsibilities and lie on the couch and watch TV all day. I’m sooo stressed out these past two weeks. Firstly, I only have less than a month to complete all my filming for my final project because the medical student’s i’m doing my project on, they’re leaving for their electives in October. And my tutor doesn’t really like my idea, and I don’t know what i really want the video to look like yet. The students are not really helpful as well coz they’re all very busy. And if i don’t get all the footage i need before they leave, I’m screwed.

Also, I’m moving out next week into a newer and bigger apartment. Have to start packing and all that soon. *Sigh* It doesn’t look like Joe and I have much stuff in our tiny apartment but I have a feeling once we start packing, it’ll look as if we just moved out from a castle! But i guess it’s not so bad coz we’re just moving across the road and it’s a newer and better place so…no complains.

I’m also stressing about my future plans. I’m so confused about what i should do after i finish Uni this year. I don’t know whether i want to stay on or go back. I love it here, but i don’t mind going back either. Should i just apply for a PR? Should i just apply for jobs i come across here and get a working permit? Should i just go straight back? I have a feeling that i would regret it if i went straight back to Malaysia, but at the same time, I miss my family, and i feel like i can get a job easier in Malaysia. On the other hand though, i prefer the environment here a lot more, i feel safer and more independant and the pay is so much better but i’m just afriad i may not be able to get a job. And also, I’m not sure whether i’m ready to be here all by myself, without my family, without Joe……

Anyone out there has contacts with production companies here, in Australia?? I’m a hard-worker and a fast learner and I’m willing to start at the bottom bottom. I’ve been browsing through and there’s only a handful of production jobs and those that i applied to mostly rejected me. Not sure whether it’s because of my credetials or because I can’t start full time straightaway, or because I’m not a PR.

*Sigh* All this thinking is making me a wreck, I can’t sleep at night because all these questions keep running through my head. Help me make a decision, please!!

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  1. bellisa

    Bel I’ll help you move! We can move your mattress accross the street together :p and about yout future plans… I don’t have any answers but if you feel that you can really get a better opportunity here than I say take the plunge. I know the prospect of potentially being by yourself is scary, but sometimes you just need to let the walls down and experience life without the protection that you’re used to.

    But what do I know?! Nothing really! hehehe in the end its all up to you.. and if I come accross any production companies I’ll know who to call heheh 

  2. mamoyo

    in the end the decision is really up to you.

    but here’s my two cents. i’d say stay on in australia, get a good job (afterall, production companies are better in australia), work your way up and you’ll get to retire early. it’s a lot of good money, compared to the salary in malaysia.

    as for family and joe, you can always sneak a visit or vice versa. cause’ you have to sacrifice for success. and i can feel that you want success quite badly.

    but that’s just my thoughts =)

  3. miss_anj


    i think u’re leaning towards staying from what u’re saying. it sounds like u want to stay, the only reason u’re not deciding on staying is the job thing…and u never know..u could land a job next year when u really put your mind to it. u mite as well give it a try here before u go back. cuz i think u know that if u go back, u won’t come back here!!

    hehe..and stuff joe. u can date other ppl here. =p haha…don’t let him know i ever said anything of the sort. =p

  4. pwho

    It’s hard to land a job without a PR… this place is not you get a job and the employer will do the work permit thing for you.. but it’s the other way round where you get the PR then you get the job. It’ll be really exceptional case where they do everything for you unless you’re Steven Spielberg! Not to splash cold waters on your shoulder but this is what I’m facing myself as well. Working in foreign land without anyone beside you is also a tough job but I do wish you success in ur future undertakings.. esp your film with those medical students… Cheers!

  5. StonedEwok

    i shall make a decision for you.

    you shall stay in australia and get a kick ass job.

    you shall eat indomie with a fried egg to save on eating costs.

    if and when you eat out, you shall not tip anymore than 10%…if that.

    tv is good. you should watch it. there’s no point in fighting the urge.

    on a more serious note though 😛 … you will never be ALL BY YOURSELF…coz you always have the media gang here for ya! 1,2,3…awwwwww!

    and you’re a totally cool person and hard worker so I can’t see why you wouldn’t find work, coz employers would be lucky to have decent honest hardworking ppl like u.

    well that’s my 2 cents plus gst.

    take care bel, try to get some sleep and watch more tv!

    p.s. bronte pics are up! wooo


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