Wednesday September 8, 2004

This quiz is really funny. You just type in your name and age and sex and they come up with all your skill levels. heheh…

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level – 31%

Kissing Skill Level – 42%

Cudding Skill Level – 52%

Sex Skill Level – 55%

Why They Love You You are very sweet.
Why They Hate You You get tongue-tied when they ask you to talk dirty to them.
This fun quiz by lady_wintermoon – Taken 692691 Times.

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Do you guys believe in Horoscopes? I only believe it when it’s good most of the time. 🙂

Horoscope for Taurus
08 Sep 2004
You’ll be pleased with your progress in dealing with domestic responsibilities today. You could be tempted to overspend on unnecessary items. Look into ways that you can make extra cash.
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This prediction for today is quite accurate actually. I’m quite happy with the  progress i’ve had with my final media project. I went for the Medical Student Aid Project’s (MSAP) weekly meeting today and pitched my ideas to them and they seem to like it. They’ve also offered me some footage that i can use so that’s good. At the same time, I’ve also done the interview for the second article with one of the members of the MSAP. So things are going quite well.

Not trying to pressure any of you media students ok! Was lucky that they still needed a promotional video i guess. Guess what, this guy from our media course, his name is Lee and he’s like Scottish or something, he’s doing web and he’s also doing his project on the MSAP! I met him in the meeting and it was like..’hey, you’re doing them too!’ But our project is different so i guess it doesn’t matter. His is a web documentary about the personal lives of the MSAP members whereas mine is like an informercial to help them raise funds.

Most of them are fifth year medical students ready to leave for their electives. The guy i interviewed, he’s going to Bangalore (where i went!) in India to do his hospital internship. And he wants to be a cardiac surgeon. I envy these people, they actually have the first hand at helping people in need. I actually wanted to be a doctor before, i mean the sense of accomplishment you get from the job is enormous i would think. So is the responsibility i guess. But, well i’m just not smart enough, and i get squimish with blood and big cuts.

YaY! Shopping for Matt’s present tomorrow! I guess that explains the unnecessary spending. hehehe..

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