Sunday September 5, 2004

Thought I’d put up some pics since everyone is.. hehehe.. Some of my most memorable moments and favourite pictures of the year.

Joe and I in Hunter Valley last August

Riding the Sand Dunes on a Quad Bike at Port Stephens, how cool do i look? hehehe….

One of my favourite pics taken in Bangalore, India

Another picture from India.The corn was cooked straight on the charcoal!

At one of the many castles in India…not the Taj Mahal though 🙁

New Years Eve celebration in KL.

With my beloved family during Chinese New Year, Star Virgo Cruise.

With 2 of my best-est friends, Melee (left) and Angie (right) during their visit to Sydney.

My first helicopter ride in NZ! Was there in July this year.

Look at the view…breathtaking!

0 comments on “Sunday September 5, 2004

  1. StonedEwok


    nice pics bel!

    i never knew you were such a seasoned traveller!

    for someone who has been in the country for a quarter of the time i’ve been here… you put me to shame in the “activities” department!

    i’ve never done anything that interesting whilst in Australia…boo!

    oh well, plenty of time to catch up…

    great post bel!


  2. mamoyo

    such homey pictures :). i just realised i have never ever seen your mum before but i think i’ve seen your dad briefly in sukma shah alam ’98. you’re so bloody cute =P Be! do share the secrets!


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