To Seoul and back…

So I’m back from my whirlwind trip to Seoul, South Korea. 10 days, 10 hrs on the road shooting everyday, lots of spicy Korean food and lots of laughter = 6 episodes of a drama/travelogue entitled ‘Love in Seoul’. It’ll premiere on 8TV, 4th October 2009 at 9:30pm so do stay tuned for it.

Overall, although it was tiring, I really got to experience Seoul like no other and shooting with Nicholas Teo (Zhang Dong Liang) was initially intimidating because he’s an experienced actor and such a pro (most of his takes are 1 takes!), but he was really patient and helped coach me through some lines and truth be told, beyond the idol persona, he was a real clown at heart, so it really helped me overlook the fact that he is a superstar and has fans all over Asia (who recognized him while we were shooting on the streets of Seoul!) Hopefully, the end product will turn out alright! Enough said… here are pictures from Seoul!!

My ‘home’ in Seoul. We were placed in Vabien Suites II in the city and I’d highly recommend it to those of you planning to go to Seoul. The rooms are clean (albeit a little small), it has all the amenities (fridge, safe, kitchenette, microwave oven, washing machine/dryer!!) and there’s a 7-11 on the Ground Floor of the hotel building. There’s nothing much around this area though because it is in the central business district but the Seodaemun subway station is just across the street so traveling around is very convenient.

The view from my room window

Nic and I with my character, Yuna’s bicycle. This was my 1st scene for the shoot.

Here are some more pictures from ‘Behind the Scenes’

Near Ewha Women’s University – lots of shopping to do around this area!

Outside Samtoh Gallery – where my character works. Notice my feathered headband? I bought it for RM40!! And I bought 2! So I just spent RM80 on 2 headbands!! It was an impulse buy but I love it!!

They even brought in a Korean model to play my supposed ‘boyfriend’. Yes, typical drama plot – Love Triangle! πŸ˜›

He’s only 19 and really tall and I only know him by his character name ‘Sam’. It was really hard communicating with people in Korea because their understanding of English is close to none, even young people like Sam. I had to learn to speak a couple of lines in Korean for my scenes with Sam, coz my character is supposedly Korean-Chinese. Our guide/translator said I did pretty well considering I only had a couple of hours to memorize the 8-9 Korean lines I had. πŸ™‚

Me, speeding through a housing area on my bicycle! I’ve not ridden one for years! But it’s true what they say, once you know how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget how to!

Experiencing the dawn of a new day by Hangang River. This was at 5am in the morning.

Taking a break in between takes. It was cold and we were sleepy.

Nic striking a pose.

With Nicholas’ people (his hairstylist, his makeup artist, his manager and his sister) and Kak Ayu, our producer (in pink hoodie) after our early morning shoot.

Tom, Nic’s hairstylist from Taiwan, helping me look ‘kawaii’ for a scene.

This is ‘Baru’, which means ‘the best’ in Korean. It’s a BIG dog and the main attraction while we were shooting at Hangang Park! Don’t know what breed it is but its head is 2 times bigger than mine!

Sunset by Hangang River. If you ever visit Seoul, you should try to visit Hangang Park. It’s a beautiful and serene place and it’s my favourite location in Seoul out of all the locations we shot at. Lots of locals come here to cycle, jog, picnic, bring their dogs for walks, water ski and lots more.

The Moonlight Rainbow Colour/Musical Fountain which operates on alternate nights is another attraction along Hangang River.

My 2nd favourite location is the N Seoul Tower located on Mt Namsan.

You can get a panoramic view of Seoul from the tower

And feel the love as you stroll through the rows of locks – “Locks of Love” – where lovers write their names and love messages on the locks and lock them around the N Seoul Tower area as a promise to never separate from their partners.

It’s really a sight to behold because there are locks all around the observation deck!

Exhibitions are also being held at the N Seoul Tower and just so happened when we were there, there was a Teddy Bear exhibition, thus the big teddy.

Another location which I liked was the park in front of Seoul Plaza.

In the evenings, lots of parents will bring their kids to the fountain to play in the water while enjoying a picnic and listening to live music or watching a play on the makeshift stage available only during summer here.

While we were in Korea, Nic’s manager managed to organize a ‘Meet the Fans’ session for him and his Korean fans. We all went together after a long day of shoot to show our support and also to cover the event for 8 E-News. πŸ™‚

In fact, he didn’t need our support because over 30 fans showed up, some who don’t even speak Mandarin! He was totally surprised by the turnout and not only did they have his albums and knew how to sing his songs, they’ve watched all of his drama series! Not bad for a boy from Kuching, I’d say! His Korean Fan Club’s President, who spoke perfect Mandarin, was asked to make a cameo in ‘Love in Seoul’ as well. Watch out for her in the final episode – the girl pushing the bike! πŸ™‚

With the entire cast and crew of ‘Love in Seoul’. Having our final Bibimbap before leaving Seoul. Clockwise from left: Fong – Makeup artist, Nic – the hero, me, Sook Teng – Nic’s manager, Bryan – our guide/translator, Ai Xin – Nic’s sister, Chong – DOP, Bak – Director, Lucent – Asst Director, Kak Ayu – Producer. Missing: Tom-Hairstylist who flew back to Taiwan on an earlier flight.

So, remember to keep an eye out for ‘Love in Seoul’ slated to go on air Sunday, 4th October 2009, 9:30pm on 8TV. For now, I think I’ll stay away from Korean food for a while. hehehe… πŸ™‚

Love, Bel

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  1. heaven

    your seoul definitely sounds and looks like great fun.
    that HUGE dog… it’s a Siberian Husky. seen a few during my short stint in Taiwan.
    look forward to your drama series’ screening! πŸ™‚

  2. Grace

    it must be really sweet shooting both nic n you!

    Can’t wait for it.

    Will it be on youtube or any sites so that i can watch it? I’m not in Msia… πŸ™ πŸ™

  3. L30nArD

    hey bel !

    Wow.. Some of the scenes shown from pictures really gave that very Korean Drama-ish feel man.

    I bet u had a really good time with nicholas teo. He’s an awesome dude !
    Looking forward to check it out when its out.

  4. Lee A Hyun

    Hello? Do you remember me? I am a photographer’s daugher. When you stay in Korea I met you. I think you are a really nice entertaintment. I want you remember me~!

  5. johnson

    that huge dog is not a siberian husky. it’s most prob a malamute, bigger cousins of the huskies.

    nice entry.

  6. EVo

    Heyy bel! it was great meeting u at 30 Hr famine again…see u on FB after i go through that HUGE stack of pictures xD looking great girl!

  7. kelly yap

    hi Belinda,
    i enjoy reading your blog. and i cant stop laughing when i see your pic with this HUGE dog. its really BIG! LOL. same experience when i went Japan those days, all the stray cats and dogs there are so huge compared to ours, and they all look so clean though they are stray cats and dogs.

  8. STEVE

    Bel…i like seoul so so so much even i try to learn korean language…haha…i will keep my eye with ur new drama…”LOVE IN SEOUL”…dun worry…hahaha…

    thank you for posted so many seoul picture and put our eye to the corner of the world….we appreciate…

    Take Care lol….


  9. Qian

    i have never been to Seoul yet.
    hope i have the chance to visit one day after i have save enough money..haha.

    Love watching ” love in Seoul” ger to watch drama and at the same time get to know more about places of interest in Korea!!

    Great job Bell and of course the entire team of Love in Seoul.

    Debbie: yes, there is only 6 epi.

  10. Chen

    hey guys, i really want to watch this, but i don’t know where. i believe it aired already, but i can’t find it anywhere. any help?


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