I’m an Aunt Part 2 dan lain-lain

Hi All!!!

It’s been a hectic month….yet again. I finally went to Redang end of last month for my Scuba Diving certification trip, and I’m now a certified Open Water diver!! The first part of Go! Scuba went on air last Saturday on the Quickie and like I said, it’s a 4 part segment, so remember to stay tuned every Saturday to find out how you can win yourself a brand new Panasonic FT1 Shock & Water Proof Camera and also obtain an Open Water Scuba License from PADI for free! If you’ve missed it go to www.8tv.com.my, and go Catch Up TV!

With Lee, my instructor, showing off my Open Water Diver cert, which he initially handed over to me underwater!

Clockwise from left, Lee and Cyrena, our instructors, me and our crew, Amin, Abg Hamidon, Desmond and Ah Hong.

I had so much fun the 4 days 3 nights I was in Redang. We stayed in Redang Bay and everyone working there was so nice and friendly, we became fast friends in 4 days.  I went on 7 dives in total, which included 1 night dive and 1 ship wreck adventure dive. I’m definitely looking forward to my next diving trip…don’t know when that’ll be though…. 😛

Anyways, last weekend, I went to Singapore and I finally got to see and hold my little niece. She had a big party at home for her 1-month old celebration, lots of people came to see her but she was unfazed. Slept right through it!! She’s not a lot of fun right now coz she’s still so little, if she’s not crying for milk, she’s sleeping and if she’s not burping, she’s pooping!! hehehe….

Little Claire and Auntie Bel’s 1st picture together…..

Mummy and Baby…

“Mummy stretching my limbs so I’ll grow up big and tall!!”

“All dressed up for my big party! Gold necklaces courtesy of Nai Nai and Ah Ma!”

“Cousin Sarah’s here to visit!”

It’s all party outside….

…. but inside, it’s sweet dreams~

“With my Ah Ma! And I’m still sleeping!”

Claire’s looking more like my brother-in-law for now but I’d have to say good job again to my sis who endured 10 hours of contractions without getting an epidural!! Giving birth how God intended women to. John (bro-in-law) actually took videos of the entire birth process and watching it just gave me chills. Don’t know whether I’ll be as brave and strong as my sis when it’s my turn. Meanwhile, can’t wait for baby Claire to grow up so I can spoil her with all things pretty!!

Work wise, I have an upcoming project which I’m really excited about. It’s another acting gig and another one in Mandarin. This time, I play the lead female role and I’m quite nervous because I have a lot more dialogue in this one compared to the previous one. A lot more ‘han yi pin yin’ to memorize! To add to the pressure, we only have 10 days to shoot 6 episodes and we’ll be shooting in Seoul, South Korea!! Also….. playing opposite me as the ‘hero’ is local Kuching boy who made it big as a singer in Taiwan, Nicholas Teo!!! So I’m practicing and working on the script really really hard so I don’t slow everyone down. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

That’s about it for now…I’ll try to update from Korea but if not, will update again in August! Boy, time flies doesn’t it?? Just 3 more months to the BIG DAY!! 🙂

Love, Bel

3 comments on “I’m an Aunt Part 2 dan lain-lain

  1. Tian Chad

    Nice to see you again @ Shout! Awards!
    I am sure you are as brave as ur sister for the upcoming baby ;p
    Can’t wait to see your BIG daytoo!

    All the best bel~

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