I’m an Aunt!

Everyone, say hello to baby Claire Ng Ding Yar! She arrived yesterday at 1420hrs at a healthy 3.3kg! My sister did a great job at pushing her out, without the help of any drugs might I add. Mummy and baby are happy and healthy and I can finally say that I am officially an Aunt!! She definitely has mummy’s lips and chubby little cheeks. It’s such a bummer, but because of my work schedule, I might not be able to go visit mother and baby in Singapore till mid July, I guess I’ll just make it in time for Claire’s one month old/full moon party. Meanwhile, i’ll continue on posting more pictures of this little angel as soon as I get my hands on more! 

It’s been almost a month since my last update and I’ve been so caught up with work the whole month went by in a bleep. I’m in the midst of obtaining my Open Water Scuba License (all sponsored for because it’s for work!! 😛 ). I have done a couple of dives back when I was shooting for ‘Teman’ but I only had a Discover Scuba Diving Cert and at that time, I wasn’t keen on getting a license because I thought I might not have the time to pursue diving as a hobby and I have a slight fear of fishes…..yes…..their eyes, their slimy texture, their O-shaped mouth just creeps me out! 

But during the past week, I’ve completed my confined water classes, passed my written exams with flying colours (100% yo!!) and now, I’m just waiting to go for my certification trip to Redang this weekend! The fear of fishes…well I guess I’ll just have to overcome that. I’m reading up on the internet about all the different aquatic life that I’ll be able to see in Redang, I guess if I try to make each dive more like a game of ‘identifying the marine life’, I’ll eventually forget about the fishes’ eyes and lips etc……let’s hope. :) 

Desmond from 8TV Chinese Content will be my buddy on this dive. 

You’ll be able to watch the GO! Scuba segment, 4 parts in all, on the Quickie sometime in July/August. And, you’ll want to pay attention because we’ll be giving away a couple of Scuba lessons to our lucky callers! If you’ve always wanted to try it out, this is your chance to do it for free! 🙂 If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Lee (he’s our instructor and he teaches swimming as well as Scuba Diving) at 03-5630 1615 or go to their website: www.dolphinsportadventure.com.

This is it for now, till my next post, take care and be good!! 

Love, Bel


10 comments on “I’m an Aunt!

  1. L30nArD

    Wow. Looking forward to check out Bel in the open sea ! Doing a great job over there girl. Keep it up !

    Your sis did a great job on lil’ baby claire too. *smile*

  2. Melissa

    Wow, diving in open sea would be fun 🙂 All the marine life, corals and serenity of seabed might do wonders to de-stress!

    Congrats! Baby Claire’s definately gonna be a babe, looking at her aunt. Great genes are always inherited and passed down for generations! Btw, Claire’s a nice name; and it’s also my lovely cousin sisters’ name!! Wise choice!

  3. Mimi Rahzia

    Hi Bel, long time didn’t hear from you. I was going through old mails in my inbox and I ended up reading everything- all the blogs that we need to submit for Teman and pictures and I was smiling. Hehehehe. Such an experience… Only after more than 2 years baru boleh ‘tutup mata’ dengan apa yang berlaku. I never had the chance to really say Thank you to you for all the help for a first-timer like me. I always admire you because you are one hardworking lass… hahahaha but I guess at that time I really don’t want to have anything to do with Teman… don’t worry! I’m fine now… I learnt… When I looked back I smiled cause after all I still have some good memories -thanks to all the activities that we did together and you.

    So now, I’m saying “THANK YOU” and congratulations on ur engagement and for becoming an aunty officially. Take care and keep in touch.

  4. renaye

    ah! u must be so excited to be an aunt!!!

    the only thing i’m afraid be it in the jungle and ocean is predators. i don’t get mind getting eaten up by mother earth but i just don’t want to be bitten by any predators!!!!

    have fun with the scuba diving!! it’s good to visit those coral reefs before they extinct. T.T


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