Today’s THE day I turn 27!

Continuing on the post I wrote 2 months back- This is THE year, having set my mind up to learn new things and improve myself, here are some updates, just in time to usher in year 27 of my life:

Just when I completed the first half of my Mandarin classes with Wee Ping, my personal tutor (he used to be an 8TV presenter as well), I received news that I was confirmed for a role in a Mandarin TV series which will be aired on 8TV sometime later this year. This will be my first Mandarin TV role and although I won’t have much dialogue, the character is very complex and is the main character for that episode. We start shooting tomorrow and I’m a little anxious but very excited to learn more. Also, it’ll be a good stepping stone for me, to practice my Mandarin more and hopefully in future, get more acting roles in Mandarin series and films.

I’ve continued on with my running, but of course sometimes, with my schedule, I don’t always have time to train 3 times a week so I make it a point to run at least once a week for up to 30 minutes. I’ve also registered myself to run in the 5km Fun Run in the up coming Standard Chartered KL Marathon and hopefully I’ll be able to finish the course in 40 mins and receive a Certificate of Participation for my first ever marathon run. 

Besides the marathon, I’ve also signed on to be an advocate in  a “Fastathon” in my bid to do more for society. What is a ‘fastathon’ you ask? Well, it’s when we fast for a good cause and this cause comes in the form of World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine, which is a global movement against hunger and poverty. Participants, which can consist of individuals, associations, corporations, religious institution or any persons or groups who are passionate about irradicating poverty, will forego solid food for a period of 30 hours to put themselves in the shoes of people who live below poverty level and have to go on days without proper food. The actual Fastathon will happen end of August so for those of you who are interested in being apart of this cause, you can log on to to learn more on how you can contribute – whether monetary or voluntary. 

I just spent 3 days 2 nights with 29 other engaged couple in a convent for my Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) and it was truly a wonderful experience. I just got back, literally, I’ve just put my bags down and switched on the computer and started writing this post, and although I’m tired and haven’t slept well, I feel a renewed sense of being. I’ve found my faith again this weekend, both in God and in my love for my partner whom I’ve pledged to spend the rest of my life with. It’s been a truly memorable birthday spent with my life partner and the One who will guide me through the rest of my life. 

Receiveing our Certificate of Completion from Rev. Fr. Daniel

It’s easy saying yes to getting married, but it’s a tough road staying married and engaged couple can get caught up in preparation for the wedding that they forget that it’s not about the wedding but about that one day when you decide to be one with each other for the rest of your lives.

Ok, enough with the philosophical talk for now coz I need to go get ready for my birthday dinner with my family! Thanks everyone for all the well wishes via SMS and facebook and telephone calls. Have a blessed week ahead!!


Love, Bel

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  1. grc

    Happy birthday!

    Oh ,y, no wonder you looked very very familiar….he he he…but i just can’t really put my finger on it….All the best on ur big day..

  2. cindy khor

    oh, i didn’t know that you have a course specially for getting married. i thought its just asking the wedding planner to do everything… haha… time to update myself more… but i’m glad that you are content with your life now…

  3. cathj

    Happy birthday sweetie….

    Oh wowww….congrats for the cert!!! you going to publish your wedding photo here right??? Owww……I can’t wait to see….

  4. Eudora

    happy belated bday bel!

    i didnt know u r a catholic. all the best with the wedding preparation. and god bless you and your soon to be husband in marriage life! 😉

  5. acsmvtak

    Can i please know which church u register for the CMPC? I’m also a catholic but all i know that Evening Encounter (EE) is like a daytime kinda course and we do not need to stay over. But yours seems more interesting, besides my future hubby is a non-catholic…so a detail course like u had will be good for my hubby and me. Kindly let me know more details ya. Thanks

    [email protected]

  6. YuiSiew

    hey dear,
    nice family pic!gd to hear tat ur sis is giving birth soon..she looks great while having a baby..
    n ur mum n dad!oh gosh stil look so young!
    havent see them for send my regards to them.. 🙂
    see you soon!

  7. tim

    Happy Birthday Bel!

    A..ha, really nice to see the good ole Canberra pics again. Just like you, I spent quite a few years in many places in Aust…Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth…and the most beautiful island of Tassie….you really should visit Tassie if you have not been there.

    Congratulations on your BIG day.


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