Tuesday August 9, 2005

Today I went for a meeting at Astro, I finally got a call back regarding the VJ thing. Met all the other 9 finalist and was given a schedule (finally, thank God!) and also found out that they might choose 1 person to be the winner or maybe 5? So who knows….The more they choose the bigger my chances I guess. The other finalist are all good in their own rights I must say. We haven’t started any sort of competition yet so I’m not sure how good they are, but they are pretty impressive at this point.

The first episode of the whole search is starting this Sunday!! So all you people out there with Astro, remember to tune in to Hitz.TV Channel 16 on Astro at either 8 or 8:30 pm, I don’t quite remember. The first episode is the auditions episode though so I don’t know if I will be on TV, but if I am, I was hella nervous during the auditions, so there might be bloopers…hehe, hope not, quite the embarassing. The show will go on every Sunday from this Sunday and the Top 10 finalist will premiere Episode 4, whereas voting will start from Episode 5 I think. Will keep you guys posted.

Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how excited I am about all this. We were told about a few tasks we were going to partake in weekly and they’re really interesting! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what tasks they are, so I guess you guys should just tune in weekly to see!

I get a bit bummed though because I still get nervous and whatever I prepare beforehand always gets screwed up when I’m faced with the camera. How can I overcome this?? Feel so helpless coz I know that what I’m giving now is not all that I can give. I guess that’s something that I have to work on. In the meantime, I’m practicing in front of the mirror, reading up on my gossips and music, and hope for the best. Wish me Luck!

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