Tuesday May 31, 2005

So the news about the whole Schappelle Corby case is everywhere. I bet it’s an even bigger news in Australia than here in Malaysia but it’s still everywhere. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the case is about this Australian lady who got caught with a body board bag full of marijuana in Bali. She was recently found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison when it was suppose to be death/life imprisonment, according to Indonesian law. I was reading through Miss_Anj’s xanga and it’s just ridiculous if what you said is true….How can Australians even be asking for their donations back? I mean, it’s a totally different problem/case and it has nothing to do with the Indonesian government, because if Schappelle was really framed…then the person behind this whole thing is the one to blame, this is not a war between Australia and Indonesia.

I read a comment left on anj’s entry about this case which irked me a little.I don’t think it’s right to say that the narcotics law is backward in Indonesia – Malaysia has the same law, death sentence if anyone is found to be carrying/selling drugs. It has to do with the people of the country. Poverty is high in our countries and if the sentence is lenient, even 20 years is still considered ok, smugglers can pay these impoverish people or their families a big sum of money just to get them to transport/traffic drugs. And these people will willingly risk their lives because it means that their families can have it better with the money. So if we do not impose a death sentence to scare these potential smugglers…..drug trafficking will be rampant! These people will think it’s ok to be in prison for 20 years….at least they know that in there, they can eat a proper meal daily. I know people think marijuana is well……not a ‘serious’ drug…..but still, people get hooked on it and it’s bad. Hehe…from the sound of this I think it’s safe to say that I’m conservative. I might as well be 50. hehehe…

So kids….stay away from any form of drug use. Even if it is for fun. You’ll never know how it can screw with your system. You know…if clubbing is not your thing than it’s not…..don’t go and take E and then enjoy clubbing because of that. That’s just ridiculous.

There was a similar case just recently about a Malaysian lady who went on a tour in Australia. She had a brick of some sort of drug in her hand carry and she didn’t even know it. She passed through Sydney airport and they confisticated that brick of thing which was wrapped in black tape….then few days later, on her way back to Sydney from Perth, she was detained because they found out that the brick-like thing was actually drugs. So be safe! Keep your hand luggage close to you at all times when travelling and remember to also put a lock on your check-in luggages. You’ll never know.

On a separate note, Melee….if you’re reading this….Happy 23rd Birthday my dear friend!!It’s been a decade now since we became friends and I really appreciate your friendship and will always cherish the good ol times we used to have. Hope to catch up with you again sometime soon!! Hugz and Kisses…Belinda

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  1. miss_anj

    hey bel!

    yeh..what my friend said about the marijuana thing, and the backward laws kinda annoyed me a bit too. i respect that different countries have different laws…and all the outrage, it’s because they think corby is innocent. she may be guilty as ever. all i can say is, i do think that she should be able to serve her sentence in australia rather than there.

    and it is true. it’s all over the news and newspapers about australians demanding donations from the tsunami back. it’s ridiculous, two completely separate things! i’m so embarrassed by it! i cannot believe people would do that.

    on 2day fm the other day, some stupid woman called up and was saying how our australian defence force should just go over to indonesia and snatch schappelle corby back here. that’s so dumb, that’s gonna like, start a war.

    haehea, this is getting so long.

  2. weiking

    She’s appealing her sentence and since 20yrs is considered lenient for this sort of crime in malaysia the next time round she might even get the death penalty.

    Her bag was 4kg heavier cos of the marijuna and she didnt notice. Anyone who has gone on a holiday with luggage will know how much difference 4kg is.

    I totally agree with what you said on countries like Malaysia needing to have harsh penalties for drug smuggling. There are so many poor ppl there that its easy for someone to get into drugs to improve living conditions.


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