Tuesday May 24, 2005

Today, I’ll be carrying on the Musical Relay thing passed on to me by Matt Lim.

total volume of songs: In my laptop, about 6GBs worth of MP3s

the last cd i bought was: Joss Stone – Mind, Body & Soul

song playing right now: Missy Higgins – Ten Days

Five songs i listen to alot, or mean alot to me:

1. Amerie – One Thing
2. Snoop Dogg feat. JT- Signs
3. Joss Stone- Spoilt
4. Jesse McCartney – She’s No You
5. The Killers – Mr. Brightside

These songs are just the songs that I’ve been listening to a lot recently, doesn’t really mean that much to me…

Six people to whom i’m passing the baton:

I’ll just keep this to people with Xanga…

1. kimmik82

2. ro_mu_lus

3. vanessa_siewleng

4. mamoyo

5. jitpunkia

6. Elizabeth_Ho

Alrighty!! Pass the baton on guys!! It was actually quite entertaining…..for a while….

0 comments on “Tuesday May 24, 2005

  1. BelindaC

    I was just suppose to choose 6 ler….it was random. Whoever who wants to continue the relay can do so…..hehehe…

    No need for me to choose 😛


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