Thursday May 19, 2005

Guest Blogger Adam.

I’ve been told to keep this very clean.

I shall try my best.

Now what would I blog about as I sit here at work, bored as hell. Kindly enough, Belinda Chee has allowed me to blog on her illustrious blog.

Couple points of notice. If you add a space in therapist, you get The Rapist. Doesn’t that say something about therapists. Don’t go to therapists. Have you ever seen The Sopranos? Tony Soprano gets royally buggered by Dr. Melfi. Its true. Even ‘A ClockWork Orange’. They screw with the guys brain to the point where he can’t fight for himself.

Im telling you, therapists are what cause all the problems in the world. By trying to help somebody really screwed up, they just infuriate that person beyond repair and they go out and do something worse. Hmmm. Makes you think if Hitler was seeing a therapist when he was in prison and writing Mein Kempf.

Insecurity is possible one of the worst things in the world you can feel. It tears the soul apart and only if, and this is a big IF, will you be able to get over it with time. I used to be insecure. Im not any longer. I think.

I prefer being skinny then fat. I would prefer to be Stan Laurel over Oliver Hardy. Being obese can be pretty bad if you ask me. Plus if I ever get stuck in a cave, I just might be able to squeeze my way out. Just maybe. Hey, Peter Parker was skinny before he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Who knows, maybe I shall even get day.

Belinda Chee just left the office. It is awfully tempting right now to just be really obscene. But I won’t….

I hope that the momentum of superhero movies can carry on. Thanks to X-Men, it brought about a long onslaught of superhero films. Some good. Some bad. With Batman coming out, Superman coming out (doesn’t that sound really dodgy?), Fantastic Four, GhostRider….things are looking good. But if they all cock-up, don’t expect to see anymore hit our screens.

On that note, have you seen any of the trailers/pictures? Superman, when dressed as Clark Kent really does look the part…as in just like Christopher Reeve. As Superman though..Im not so sure. It looks like padding underneath his very dark suit to make him appear more buff. Im hoping, as the case with the late Christopher Reeve, that he gets more buff during filming. That happened to Christopher Reeve to the point that they to re-shoot the early scenes because he got so buff.  Batman just looks dark, the way I like it.

One worry is X-Men 3. With Bryan Singer gone to helm Superman, the producers opted for Matthew Vaughn. This is second film. He directed Layer Cake and produced Snatch and Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. How is this going to turn out? 3 British Gangster films and then this? Worrying. News just in.

Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) has been cast as Beast. The highly intelligent blue-skinned/fur creature. Vinnie Jones, the former footballer and star of Lock Stock and Snatch, as been cast as Juggernught.

I hate KL drivers. Especially motercylce drivers. Why on earth do you think you are Michael Schumacheur/Valentino Rossi. You weave in and out and cause accidents. Why bother wearing a helmut? Its quite obvious there is nothing underneath. Even those bozos (I love that word!) who prance around in their Kelisas/Kancils with crappy paintwork and a huge exhaust to make a lot of noise. Yet can they go fast? Hell no. All show but no go.

On that note, its time for me to go…get make-up. I have more products then a woman does to wash  my face. Try putting industrial make-up onto your face, 5 nights a week. It ruins your skin. How sad is it that a guy has to put on make-up everyday? At least I get paid to do so!

This is Adam signing out. Peace.

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  1. BelindaC

    Haha….Adam I know you’re reading this…’re going in too much details about the movies you’ve seen that only hardcore fans would know about. But nonetheless…thanks for filling my blog with interesting but meaningless banter other than the banter of my meaningless existence…..How depressing….:-P

    For the rest of you guys….Adam was bored so I let him write a piece of his mind on my blog..Adam is our cute little boy-host who doesn’t look much it but is a really smart alec…haha…his pictures are in my previous entry below…..  check out his blog at

  2. miss_anj

    hahaah, wo what a change from Bel’s usual blog. I was so confused for awhile there.

    But omg, Bryan Singer isn’t doing X3? That’s stupid.

    My friend bumped into Bryan Singer and had drinks with him a few months back when he was here in Sydney scouting sites for Superman…very nice guy she says. =D

  3. StonedEwok

    lol entertaining post…much TV and film referencing, the way I like it…more I say!

    kelsey grammer as beast?? wtf?!

    anyways, looking forward to seeing all those superhero movies.

    well done with the guest blog.


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