Wednesday May 18, 2005

So yesterday was my birthday……yes….I’m officially 23……2 more years and I’ll be a quarter of a century old. I had the day off from work (thanks Mel!) so I invited Li Yenn (my now ex-colleague) to go shopping with me! It was so gratifying to shop for gifts for myself…..haven’t shopped like that in a long while. Hehe…

Later that night, my family and I had a nice dinner at San Francisco Steak House. I was a bit peeved though that they’ve ran out of lobsters….but I had a great big steak…which was really good anyways, so all’s well. By the end of the night I was so full I had difficulty breathing. And Mum got a bit tipsy from the dessert wine we had….haha….that was quite funny.

Anyways…I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their wishes yesterday….Thank you alll soooo much!! I’m so touched that ya’ll remembered!! A year older a year wiser ey? I hope so too!! hehehe…

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  1. bellisa

    OMG bel happy birthday for yesterday!!! I tried to get in contact with Joe to get your number in Malaysia but couldn’t get a hold of him! (is he not answering calls from blocked numbers????)

    Hope you had a great day and we all miss you here!!

  2. StonedEwok

    Happy Birthday Bel!

    I feel awful for not sending an email or something…

    I even got a reminder!! Poor form.

    Good to hear you had a good steak dinner to celebrate though! 🙂


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