Wednesday May 11, 2005

Was in JB during the weekend for the carnival I was talking about in my previous entry. I had a great time despite being sunburnt on Saturday and being soaked in the rain on Sunday. Got back Monday morning and as expected, I came home sick. I was still alright on Monday, but yesterday I woke up to a really sore throat, which I thought was just that, a sore throat. So I went to work and halfway through, I felt feverish….so I came home, went to the doctors and found out that I have a throat infection which led to the fever. So today, I’m just recuperating at home.

Nothing much else happening in my life. I guess when there’s nothing better to say….I’ll say nothing more.

Some pictures from JB

Our booth at the carnival

The baloons/pong-pongs that we were blowing up and selling the whole day at the carnival. They’re called pong-pongs because they make that sound when they’re hit together.

From Left: Me, Adam, Rina (behind), they’re the hosts of the show I’m working on, Quickie, Jinny – the producer of the Chinese E-News, Gary- the host of E-News, and Yun, the host of Eve’s Diary, a Chinese daytime talk show.

Me, posing at my workstation….hahaha…

Rainy, rainy Sunday…picture taken by Alet, our artistic Director/Producer.

Me and Adam, innocent puppy dog pose…

0 comments on “Wednesday May 11, 2005

  1. miss_anj

    haha bel you look so professional at your workstation. all those complicated looking buttons and switches.

    u look like you’re having tonnes of fun!!

    and u also look like you’ve lost weight again!! what’s going on? too tired?

    anyway, miss ya heaps! hope we’ll see you soon!! =D

  2. ro_mu_lus

    ahh i’ll say it again – looks like a really fun job! that pic taken by your artist director friend is really nice. Very arty. 🙂

    damn those sorethroat-cum-fever attacks huh? They seem to have a way to find me. 😛 Hope you get well soon!


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