Sunday May 1, 2005

It’s labour day today (1/5) and I had to go in to work. I am also working tomorrow, which is a public holiday. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m still enjoying my job because I definately do not get any extra pay for this. On the other hand, what am I to do anyways if I don’t work? *Pathetic mode on* I have no friends to hang out with….no money to shop….nothing to do other than sit at home eating junk and watching TV!

Ok….so….let’s see what’s up with my life recently….. For one, the late night talk show that we’ve been working on has come to an end. Last week was the last episode of this season. Not sure if it’ll come back….just have to wait and see. We have a new show coming up. It’s not a live show so I guess it won’t be as hectic….I think.

I’ll be going for my first outstation trip this weekend. Me and a few of my colleagues will be going to Johore Bahru for TV3’s (our sister company) carnival. We’ll have an 8TV booth there and there’ll be fun and games….etc. Quite excited about that.

What else…..Oh yah, a few people have asked me whether I’ll be meeting more famous people anytime soon…..well, the answer for now is no. We had Roger Sanchez, the DJ, on our final episode of Latte, but i didn’t manage to meet or take pictures with him coz i was working inside the OB van that night.

Gosh…I can’t believe that all I can talk about in my blog recently is work, work and work Guess it shows how centralised my life is now towards work. I think i need a substitute boyfriend, someone who’d come pick me up from work everynight and go out with me during weekends. Any takers? haha.. Joe, if you’re reading this, you know you’re still the one right?? hahaha… Ok…I’ll end here for now. Leave me a message people……

Just a random funny picture I took during my trip to Sydney last month,

Dad, sitting on the seat meant for husbands waiting for their wives while they shop. What a brilliant idea!! hahaha…

Miss you girls!! Shout out also to Matt- the movie reviewer, Gina- who might still be in Korea, and all the other guys n girls from UNSW Media and Comm who might be reading this!

0 comments on “Sunday May 1, 2005

  1. ro_mu_lus

    It’s great that you’re enjoying ur job. A lot of ppl I know do not, so it’s really great that you’ve found a job you like.

    btw, that pic of ur dad is hilarious!! lol.

  2. bellisa

    hey those people in the photo look really familiar! you know once you start working, everything else flies out the window, including your social life, been there done that!

  3. StonedEwok

    good to hear things are ok over in Malaysia Bel!

    Life over here is kinda sucky too, work and Masters is absolutely killing me…

    Me, Isa and Anj always said you were the glue of “the gang”, and it’s so true, lol

    we never see each other!

    p.s. I’m getting major respect from friends at church because they reckon you’re really hot, hehehe


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