Friday April 22, 2005

Woohoo!! I finally have a wholeee weekend off!! The last time I had both Saturday and Sunday off was on the first week I started work I think.

Nothing much to say, job is getting a bit mundane….I have to be VT, which is a job I do not really like, for the next few weeks until we get new interns. Our team is getting smaller and smaller with the old interns leaving. From 8, we’re now down to 5 because one of the interns have finished his internship, another requested to transfer to Chinese dept and another went on a holiday. Today, I was the only one from our section in the office because the rest went out for a shoot.

Been driving everyday for the past 2 months and I can tell you, I see an accident on the road almost every week. 2 weeks ago, a stalled car about 10 cars in front of mine burst into flames! It was scary….Everyone started signalling left and I did so as well but none of the cars on the other lane would let any of us in…I had to just push on ahead even when the cars on the other lane kept moving on, for a moment i think i was literally an inch from the oncoming cars. But I survived, albeit very annoyed with the other people for being so inconsiderate…I mean..c’mon, there’s a burning car in front of us! You don’t expect us to drive on through it, do you?

Also, last week, just as I reach this normally smooth flowing stretch of flyover on the LDP, the traffic came to a halt. When I finally got to see what had happened, a car was like 90 degrees perpendicular to the car that hit it. I can’t imagine what happened. And just a few days ago, also on the LDP, there was like this 8-10 car pile up. It’s normal here in KL roads to have that many cars be involved in an accident at one time, because the traffic can be smooth flowing, and you going about 80ks/hr for a distance before you have to suddenly come to a complete stop. So if you couldn’t brake in time or you’ve followed the car in front too closely, then you’re in trouble.

Other than the accidents, I feel like I’m beginning to experience a little bit of road rage. I get pissed off at people driving slowly on the fast lane, or not signalling and all that, that I find myself having to take big breaths to calm me down. I’m enjoying my job still but the driving and the long hours is just killing me. I’ve lost about 4 kgs since i started work and I can see myself deteriorating slowly. I really have to think twice if they really do offer me a permanent position.

Anyways, I think i better end here…I’m getting very sleepy and I’m just typing whatever’s jumbled up in my head right now. Good Night..

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