Tuesday September 2, 2008

Below are 2 of the comments we received for one episode of the Quickie on Catch-Up TV:

Asha (8/22/2008 1:37:12 PM)
but I guess the most disappointing part is that our entertaining industry has lost sight over talent and looks. when I first saw Belinda host, it gave me an impression that mediocre looking girls with not much talent can make it on TV. there is no consistency in her english..we miss people like Marion or Aishah

noturaverageviewer (8/23/2008 1:06:42 AM)
You know what is the real disappointing thing about our ‘supposedly’ M’sian entertainment industry? It’s infiltrated by pan-asians/eurasians with slangs and accents and fancy last names. So when a chinese girl with M’sian english comes along, everybody’s not used to it! Thank you Quickie for keeping it M’sian with Belinda, Rina and PhatFabes.

I knew when I first joined this industry that it’s a tough one to crack into and ‘noturaverageviewer’ spoke my mind exactly! I’m not saying it just coz he/she defended me, but it’s true! How often do you see a non-mixed person on your TV screens, especially if it’s an urban show e.g. English speaking show. Now I’m not trying to diss the mixed-bloods who are in the industry, they are bloody gorgeous and bloody talented, but they’ve spoilt the market for the rest of us not blessed with exotic blood-mixes! Like ‘noturaverageviewer’ said, everyone’s gotten so used to seeing eurasians/pan-asians on screens that when someone who doesn’t fit the ‘TV Host’ mould comes along, someone who probably is an average Malaysian, they cannot accept. Or maybe they’ll think, “Hey, that girl is not that pretty, and she speaks like any other girl on the streets, why is she on TV?” Honestly, please name me one pure-chinese or pure-indian or pure-malay who has done well in the Malaysian urban industry, specifically hosting. I can only think of SerenaC and Daphne Iking(but I think she’s also Kedazan-Chinese or some exotic mix like that)

I mean, ok, I understand the marketability of being pan-asian, you can pass off as a local in most Asian regions. And I can understand the logic of hiring a pan-asian if the show is regional- as in it’s shown asia wide, but for free to air Malaysian TV, shouldn’t we be showcasing more Malaysians? And what’s wrong with speaking Malaysian English on Malaysian TV? It’s not exactly bad english, it may be wrong grammatically, but that’s how WE speak english!!

It’s so bad that kids nowadays are speaking with accents because they think that’s how it should be, and faking their ethnicity and their background (e.g. I’ve lived overseas- padahal they’ve only been out of the country for a couple of months) just to fit in. Look at Dawn Yang, she claims that she’s a mix of Thai, Japanese and Chinese. Soooo exotic-kan? If she told you she’s pure Chinese, would you still find her as appealing? Maybe yes, but then you’ll think, how can a pure chinese be so gorgeous? She has to be mixed! It’s like colonialism all over again!!

I don’t really know where I’m getting at here. This was just something I’ve had in my mind for a while. And now that I’m a bit emo, i’m pouring it all out! It’s a disadvantage mediocre people, like me, have and also one of the reasons why we cannot be the best that we can be because we’re not given the opportunity. Beauty regins over talent in this industry and that’s a fact. And if you’re mediocre in both aspect, like Asha said I am, well then, I guess I’ll have to re-think being in this profession. Nevertheless, I’d really like to thank 8TV for putting me, Rina (have you ever seen any one else with glasses on TV?) and Fabes on the Quickie. We might not have a long way more to go now, but I’m glad I got the chance to fulfil my dream.


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  1. lilmui

    hey babe, kudos to u and ur post. u’ve done alot and you’ve kept true to who u are and what u do. That in itself is 100% worth clapping for. I too have my own insecurities coming in without any mix blood, any fancy accent but the one I’ve known ever since I was a wee child. Many people out here are quick to judge and quick to point out. You have taken the industry in strides with your success and your experience. For every critic there is out there, you’ve got fans 10-fold and your success is a true case in point. Eh – still up at 3am??? 🙂 See u around babe!!

  2. janediva

    Hi Bel,

    Criticism comes with the job especially the one you’re at. Look at the positive side of it. Humans are like that. If nobody say something negative, we will never try to improve on ourselves. Fans may keep you motivated but sometimes they are “too blind” to see your flaws and things you could improve on to make yourself better. Take it as constructive confrontation and you’ll have superb hosting skills in no time! 🙂

    Regards, janediva

  3. kingofblur

    Yup, I don’t get it either. So French- or Russian-accented English is oh-so-appealing, but Malaysian English is bad to the bones? I mean, fine, we do need to fix the grammar a little, but what’s wrong with the way we pronounce words? At least we don’t speak as if we’re trying to get phlegm out at the same time, or have unnecessary tongue-flips (unlike other people from other countries). I think we speak okay.

    And yes, we’re happy to welcome eurasians/pan-asians into our land (the industry), but they are taking over it and making everything hard(er) for us! Where is the justice in this? Foreigners take their own kind, and we take their kind, or partly their kind, for that matter…so, who’s going to take us?

    That’s why I like 8TV (not just the Quickie), because it gives pure-bloods and pure Malaysians (like us) chances. The fact that it is keeping you, Rina (with specs!) and Fabes blatantly screams, ‘We don’t care who you are, you just need to be good!’

    People just like to stereotype, and we need not mind that. We are above that, and we need to prove to ourselves (not them) that we are just as good as (people think) eurasians and pan-asians are. And oh, we are pure-bloods.

  4. misspinkaroma

    hey belinda =). I don’t think you should be bothered much by what asha has got to say because you are good the way you are. Be it on the quickie or hosting, you have what it takes to be a good one in this pain-ass industry. (don’t mind me)
    I have to admit, I didn’t like you when I first saw you on tv. I was thinking where has Marion gone? But the reality is not because someone is ugly or not fit enough to be on screen but it is because we malaysian does not take changes easily. We are all too comfortable with whatever we already have and that any changes will not be easily accepted or seen as a good one. But over the years, I’ve seen how hard you’ve tried and your strive to improve really amazed me. It’s not easy being a host what more in this entertainment industry where critiques are the forte.

    whatever it is, all criticism should be taken as a positive one as those are the encouragements that’ll help to push you harder to achieve greater heights.

    you go girl =)

  5. Anonymous

    First of all Bel, I personally think that you are taking things TOO seriously….. You have to always be prepared to accept all the criticisms (either good or bad ones) especially you are in this entertainment industry, look at the positive side and be more optimistic in seeing things by not getting emo easily just because of what the people comment about you out there. Perhaps you could make some improvement on that right Bel? Or Asha could be one of Marion’s fans?? Your hard work can be seen Bel… Some people may like you (superb fans) coz you are their idol and some may simply hate you sooo much because of their own reasons.. Regardless of that….you just need to show how best you can be! Your hard work will definitely be appreciated by those who truly cherish you and appreciate what you have been doing since the day you stepped into this industry.. You’re a celebirty, a TV host etc and so what Asha has said is actually very very common… You might not have heard of what other people criticise about you out there which I think it’s even worse than Asha’s comment… but that’s what we (especially a celebrity like you) must face in real life….. don’t get emo coz of that.. Nobody is perfect.. but I believe somehow you are actually perfect and the best to hell lots of people out there! So keep it up and keep smiling sweetie!!

    P/S: For the previous entry, I suggest that you don’t go for the physical change of your ‘chest’ area… Unless you are ready to hear and to accept what the people gonna comment about you on that issue. Regardless of whether it is to be done Naturally or by undergoing surgery or by taking pills…. Trust me.. Nobody cares Bel……. IF you really did that one day and you think the people will tell their friends around that Bel’s boobs have become so much bigger (sorry if you feel offended) BECAUSE she used some NATURAL stuffs or theraphy oil just like what Jolin Tsai used to tell the media?? Nobody cares whether you did it naturally or not, but the fact would be “her breast is fake!” (sorry if you feel offended again but it’s the reality) It’s your own decision anyway, if you are ready and you think it’s what you want in your life and will not regret in the future, then go for it.. But I would prefer you to consider very very carefully before you make a decision..

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t u guys think Bel already looks a bit pan-asian with her high nose bridge? I mean, how often do see a flat faced asian on tv(maybe serena c)… like.. to say she’s just average… i dunno…..

    Bel, what are u gonna go under the knife (if so) for? i mean…which part? (damn that straight forward)

  7. Anonymous

    Good post belinda.

    I’d say fk them all and continue doing what you’re doing. Who are they to judge you?

    Ive been living overseas for almost 8 years now and everytime i go back msia and watch tv, it saddens me that there are not enough ‘real malaysians’ in the entertainment industry. Sometimes i even chuckle at these pan asian ppl who try to speak American/British/Australian accents – though they might be fairly close, there are still some discrepancies in which i can point out.

    Furthermore, it pisses me off when those fresh off the boat malaysians who have been in the country for like a couple of months start speaking accented english among us malaysians. Dude, i can understand if you’re trying to speak to a white person. But WTF you’re speaking to malaysians and we can understand manglish. To be honest, im so sick of these phonies.

    Congrats for speaking in a manner that you’re comfortable with.

    Have a look at the videos of Chick vs Dick produced by Sg hosts. They’re funny and speak in singlish accent.

    PS: My sis who’s been away from malaysia since she was like 10 is facing the same problems like you at the mo. Shes also keen on working in the entertainment industry when she graduates, but the chances of making it here are slim. I mean who would want to employ an asian host? Its bloody sad for people like you and her who not only get discriminated overseas, but also get discriminated in their own countries. Anyway, drop us an email if you’ve got any pointers for her.


  8. mamoyo

    Hey Bel 🙂 that’s a really heartfelt post… now that you’re in the entertainment industry, it is not realistic not to expect criticisms such as this, even when you first break into the industry a couple of my friends mentioned the fact that you’re not mixed or eurasian but i really am proud of the fact that you stay true to who you are and you’re really doing so well! i think you’re doing fine, you’re getting more ads, more publicity and more airtime opportunity than any other pure chinese host… i think that’s something really fantastic and keep being optimistic because that’s the Belinda we love to see!

    And the comment above me is right… you do have a high nose bridge! Most chinese girls cant brag of that fact ;p… how did you get it?! haha

    So keep your spirits up k 🙂 love love! Oh and Chilli’s in November? I read some rumours that you’re engaged and would love to catch up with you to know whether that is true or false! See you have paparazzi rumours now! It means you’ve made it in the industry… hehe

  9. Anonymous

    this is the ‘pro barat’ culture in m’sia.
    everything eurasian speaking or looks is the best.
    don’t worry, i think your speaking is fab and I love Rina Phat Fabes as well. =)

  10. Cultur3sh0x

    I think Malaysians should speak as they are, sans fake foreign accents. I speak with a distinctive Sabahan accent, and my foreign friends accept me as I am. I don’t need to speak in their slang or copy their accents to look ‘cool’.

  11. Anonymous

    You can’t stop people from judging, but you don’t have to take what they say seriously too. Everyone has their rights to voice out their opinions, if *Asha thinks you’re just a mediocre looking girl with not much talent, by all means let her. You don’t have to do things to please the whole world, ok scratch that, i mean, you can NEVER please the whole world.. I might not know you personally but you give people a very down-to-earth feeling, not just in your shows but in your blog as well.. so keep it up and don’t let unnecessary things affect you! 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Bel,

    I have always had utter respect for you since you were on that contest on Hitz.TV. But to lash out on Eurasians/Pan Asians taking all the light is a bit disrespectful, don’t you think?

    I know its a fact that people always judge a Non-mixed race to a Mixed race. But thats only because, the Mixed-Race(Eurasians etc) have fluent English. That’s the only reason. I am not saying Non-mixed-races do not have fluent English, they do – but they might still have a slight “mother tongue” accent on top of their perfect English .That’s the only whole point why Eurasians/Pan Asians are good hosts. I can’t really comment about looks, cause everyone is gorgeous, you are too!

    So, like one of the other readers said, you must take both criticisms – good or bad, accept it and just move on. You already famous in the industry, what else do you need Belinda?

    I’m a Eurasian ( I’m sure you would have guessed that?) but I still really think you are an awesome host and have so much talent to give.

    Keep it up!

  13. Anonymous

    Asha shouldn’t critic u like that. just be strong bel!! maybe her english accent is just tooo perfect ;P u’re still the best bel 😉 i love the way u be yourself. don’t bother what people say. really love watching u on Quickie 😉

  14. Anonymous

    i ask her to stay but she wouldnt listen…

    she left before i had the chance to say….

    the words that would mend the things that were broken….

    but now its far too late shes gone away…

    everynite you cry yourself to sleep thinking why does this happen to me…

    why does every moment have to be so hard…

    its not over tonight just give me one more chance to make it right…

    i may not make it thru the night i wont go home without you…

  15. Anonymous

    haha, just be yourself. be proud that you’re malaysian! it’s better than not knowing if you’re really malaysian or not, or that you are, but don’t feel one bit malaysian at all…
    being emo sometimes is good, i do that too. ;p
    smile and everything will be better.

  16. Melissa

    Dear Bel,

    First and foremost, I think you’re a pretty gal 🙂 [For those who do not appreciate beauty, please move aside!]

    Secondly, I think your English is just perfect. Neutral is good. What’s there about accents? [And mix blood?]

    Be the same lovely Bel forever ~


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