Wednesday August 27, 2008

Hi all!

I need your help. I need your opinion on something I’m going through right now. Put yourselves in my shoes for a moment. What if you were offered a hefty sum of money to change something, physically, it’s a good change, but it might affect your image and people’s perception of you. You’ll most probably be perceived negatively after the change. Would you still do it?


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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like plastic surgery lol. Well, depends on how hefty is ‘hefty’. I’ll most likely take the cash, couldn’t be bothered with what others would think as long as I’m happy with it, and that no people are hurt in the process.

  2. Yerdeh

    sounds like boob job? seriously, i think u look absolutely lovely as u are. it’s too general a question i think! how negative will the public perception be and how positive will the change be on u? write down the pros and cons and see how u go?

  3. Anonymous

    Definitely I will be blown away if I am offered to this kind of thing. But come to think of it, you are now a celebrity, and you have mentioned that that physical change might change people’s perception towards our image and most importantly the outcome is a negative, frankly speaking, it might be kinda risky huh! But this is quite general, I need to know what exactly it is first then I can proceed to my decision making. Anyway, if you think you need it and it will do good to you, why not? Not many people get this kind of opportunity. Good luck and it would be nice to keep us updated on what is going on yeah!

  4. lovesangelic

    hello belinda~ what I can say is just follow your heart, after all you do this for yourself right? not for the publicity, so why not if you think  this is a good change and it might as well a big breakthrough in your life~!! So just go for it~!! we only live once ~!!

  5. aNNa_B3LLa

    I don’t think you should. Sounds like plastic surgery. Heh… Money can be earned girl. I’m sure being an independent career woman like you, you can manage. I think what matters is inside, not physically. =)

  6. sochews

    To do something out of love, that would be all worth it.

    But to do something purely for the money, I feel it’s a decision you’ll regret for the future. Take courage to follow what you truly treasure, and the sacrifices you make will pay off later.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, Belinda, I suppose if you’re offered money to jump over to BN, then I would say NO, don’t do it! Think about Malaysia’s future and all that we have fought for…

    p/s: When did you join politics??! πŸ˜€

  8. kingofblur

    I do not think it’s a boob job because putting silicon inside of you just to look good (or better than you already do) doesn’t sound very good to me, although I have nothing against women who do. And what era are we in now? We’re still talking about image being affected? I say image can be changed; we do not have to have one and stick to it till the end of our lives. That’s what ‘make-over’s are all about–to change. For better or worse, that’s another case.

    I think the negative perceptions that you’d ‘most probably’ get wouldn’t last long. However people want to view you, you did it already anyway, and there’s nothing they can do about it except to sulk, sulk, and sulk. I think people will accept your choice eventually.

    But I don’t know. It’s your battle. For me, I’d do it, because: it’s a change, a good one too, and I get paid for it, so why not? As to people’s perceptions, they just have to learn to deal with it.

    But still, I don’t know about you. I’m not a public figure, so I don’t know what other risks might be involved; you decide.

  9. Anonymous

    Depends la…if you like the change, eventho it’s physical and you think you’ll be able to accept it plus at the same time able to deal with others’ perceptions, then do it. The hefty sum of money kira bonus la..
    But if u have this big hesitation then better not…since it will most probably affect you not just psychologically but also maybe towards career wise… n your life.

  10. leblue7

    It certainly does sound like plastic surgery ‘cos that’s the only positive change i can think of, that will draw negative feedback. Then again, maybe it’s a slimming endorsement but that’s so common nowadays. Anyhow, if the change is for the better, i don’t see how it’ll impact negatively on ur image. If it REALLY is plastic surgery, I’m sure the perception of lotsa pple have changed. If u can embrace and make the most out of the change, then perhaps it will boost ur image rather than spiral it downhill.

  11. w3nst3r

    Hey Bel!

    In my opinion, the lum sum of cash is not the “leading role” in this scene. Positive change is good. Negative remarks from people?? hmmm.. well, it depends on what change are you going to go through. If it does not infringe your rights or beliefs, then I think you should go for it. I do not think you should be bothered about image/negative responses from other people. After all, we can NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE in the world. There are bound to be people criticizing our every move – human nature, i guess? So yea… just think for yourself, and your family/close ones.. if they approve of it, go ahead.


  12. Anonymous

    Plastic surgery all paid for? Why not? Its good to enhance your features…People put on make up to look beautiful… of coz dun be a monster and try to fix everything.. thats like putting on too much make up.. which we know is always bad for u! If its a boob job i say do it.. If its sth to do with ur face .. then i say no… u have a very beautiful natural face already.

  13. toochoong

    hmm, physical change.. won’t last forever..
    but well, does it really matter what other ppl think? any change is good.. the bad ones usually take some time for us to realize that it is good..

  14. BelindaC

    Thanks for all your comments so far. I generally get what you guys are getting at. The change has to do with something physical, some of you guessed right, it is in the ‘chest’ area, but there are no surgeries, no injections, no silicones, no pills whatsoever. They assured me that it’s all natural. I do have to pose for pictures (fully clothed of course) but with an enhanced cleavage. Just afraid that I’ll loose jobs because of that image. Since I am the ‘wholesome and sweet’ girl. πŸ™‚ It might go the other way as well…so I’m definitely considering doing it, not only for the money but I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a better version of themselves right? πŸ™‚

  15. kris7kc

    Hi Bel,
    hope you still remember me! Kris from Roots Asia Pacific. well, i don’t think it’s worth going for this.. ‘coz you already have a healthy image both on screen and off screen. i would suggest you just re-consider it over the weekend and get more opinions from both your love ones and buddies ya!

    cheers.. πŸ™‚

  16. Anonymous

    It depends on what is ur ultimate goal. money or image? in my own opinion, i think everyone needs money, but where can we bring the money to, and wat can we do with it? we can use it for now, but we cant bring it to heaven.. therefore money is not eternal, it is temporary

    where else… ur image is important. to a person like you who works in entertainment industry, this is the most important thing for you. if that ‘change’ requires you to step out of entertainment industry where image is not important to you at all anymore, i urge you not to do so. leaving a good image in people’s mindset will last forever, as they remember who you are, comparing the money that you have. therefore, being in your position right now, continue to do what is right, be a role model for the Malaysians, so that the name and image of Belinda Chee will be in our mind forever.

    Your number 2 fan,

  17. Anonymous

    oh, i dint read ur comment… hhahhah

    since i noe that it has to do something with your ‘chest’ area… now my answer to you is SUPER DUPER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….!!

    Like some of them said, money can be earned. and you must know one thing people like about you, is your sweetness. not your body. well, im can assure you that your body looks good, you look beautiful. but deep in there, you character win over all this physical things that you have. therefore, dont go for the changes. moreover, im sure you are in a stage where your financial is alright. those fella who offer you the money, wants to make more money for themselves, but they nvr think of you, and people’s perception on you.. SO, our answer to you IS A NO NO NO NO NO

    yapster again

  18. Yerdeh

    hmm, depends on how provocative the shots are going to be? I think it can be done tastefully. how long do the effects last? maybe u could ask your marketing reps to put a positive spin on it? xiaxue did something similar, and she loves it!! she’s done even more procedures now, but I get what u mean that it may not go with your wholesome image. ah tricky! but i’d say go for it! like u said, who wouldn’t want an imprived version of themselves? it’s all natural still πŸ™‚

  19. fergusong

    Based purely on how your post is worded, I’d go with a no. Anything that requires a large sum of money offered as a makeweight must have its drawbacks in some kind of non-monetary form. Just remember that if you don’t like yourself after that change, and it’s not very reversible, no amount of money is gonna make you feel better. And the people who paid you for it are likely to never care.

    I’d stick with my guns now if I were you.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi Bel..

    i think its quite risky for u to do it. we all love u like the way u are now. we love the original Belinda Chee πŸ˜‰ i agree with yapster, ur image is important. think about yourself first. those money that they’re offering to u is the 2nd thing. think about what’s going to be to your future. think wisely, bel. what ever it is, its your decision.

  21. wksun77

    hi Bel,

    just would like suggest you to listen to yourself (heart & mind) and NOT the MONEY or HOW OTHERS will SEE YOU. But honestly, currently you are OK enough…


  22. Anonymous

    hey belinda. “hefty” sum eh? 1st thing, izit well worth it in a long run if u do change it? wud it change ur life to make it better? otherwise, its not worth it at all. so far since u started the entertainment industry business, things went well for u rite? if got problem oso u resolved it without any worries rite?

    plastic surgery? …….adoi….nunid la…. OLAY users wad surgery oso buang la… no use wan unless u got cacat teeth u wan2 repair den go ahead la… other den dat, dun think u nid it =.=”

    wadever it is, u just try and consider the other +ve and -ve apart from “hefty sum of $$” or “other people/public’s comments and perspective or you” etc etc etc…

    years to come, REALLY sure u’ll do just fine ^^  

  23. Anonymous

    If I were you, I’d do it. As a woman myself, bigger breasts makes you look and feel more womanly, and ultimately, all actions and the way you bring yourself will be sexier! All those theories talking about having sufficient confidence, yakkity-yak-yak,and being au naturel are just excuses, really. It’s really normal nowadays to get anything done. How long can the cute image last for anyway. We are not getting any younger, babe…good luck!

  24. Anonymous

    Dear Bel,

    Before you even go for the whole natural boob job, do think over how this might impact you and the way you are, for instance your behaviour and your attitude towards the whole thing after. Definitely you will look good especially when you have an enhance job being done, with that, you will tend to want to wear clothings that perhaps tel a story on its own. Yes, one of the comment was totally right, we can’t please everyone. But you are given this body, this look, such pretty happy soul by above. He has His reasons why He made you that way. Assets are not a way to get into industires, people employ you for all your goodness and qualities. What example will you set to the generation out there? When they see you on 8tv quikie, or any other programs you may perhaps be hosting? Should the parent be worrying about their daughters about getting an ‘enhancement’ given the fact that they will probably go: “Look mother, if she can do it so can I”. Having said, you are already a local celeb, many of us know you. Say you have given it a go, we, for sure are able to spot the big diff. Don’t you think you being a someone, should set good examples to people out there? Are you putting a note to all that Men only like girls with bigger boopies? Heck the what will people think bit, I guess you are wise enough to make that decision. You are indeed bold enough to be transparent about this, writing it on your personal blog. If you are worry as said in your own comment, shoes you are pretty unsure. Be it natural or whatsoever ways to do this “job”; beauty is not sum by the outter appearance. God be with you.

  25. Anonymous

    Everyone wants to look pretty. Who doesn’t? Especially girls, longing to be prettier than pretty. Those who will give negative perceptions are the ones who are actually jealous and envy of the outcome you have. Becoming prettier is not a crime. Plastic surgery is not much different with putting on make-up. Both are just applying ‘something’ on your face or body to make you look better.

    But, at the same time, you can no longer be proud of your outlook anymore. Your look will not be 100% natural anymore. You have to admit you did plastic surgery, you have to bare the shame, else, you will have to cheat, cheat and live fake until you can’t stand it anymore. If the purpose is to serve the entertainment world better, why not?

    If you want to love a person, you have to love yourself first.
    If you want to hate a person, you have to hate yourself first.

  26. Anonymous

    well i think natural beauty is the most important thing…u dun have to change anything abt yourself….be honest and sincere in your job…you’ll get better things in future…but at the end of the day it’s your call…i think you’re really gorgeous πŸ™‚

  27. Anonymous

    I do some statistic for you over here, if you are still confuse. This statistic theme or title is…

    Belinda Chee’s life by-election.

    The result is out, and it is listed below

    YES: 4 votes
    NO: 12 votes
    Follow your heart: 8 votes
    Undi rosak: 4 votes

    The election had been won by Party NO. So, please don’t do it Belinda.

    Just a brief of what are all the answers mean. YES and NO, I’m sure you all know. Follow your heart is those comment where they don’t know YES or NO, so they middle. Just say follow your heart. Undi rosak means, people who comment something out of topic. Like the person who comment on jumping over to BN (thats a good joke btw).

    So, election had been won by Part NO once again. There won’t be sworn in ceremony.

    Not politicians, just a market research fella

  28. Anonymous

    If you have decided that what I have utterly spoken was rather true that you have to remove it and not allow the rest to read what I have to say, I have no comments on that. This is your will and I truly respect it.

    But these lines are written by you, which I have foung at the very top of you page:

    “If you look at what you do not have in life, you don’t have anything. If you look at what you have in life, you have everything.”

    How would you pratice that since it is of your own blief, if not, you wouldn’t have written them on your own page right.

    May the Good Lord be with you.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey there:

    Long time no see. Just surfing and found your blog. Don’t make decisions just because of money. Consider it whether it would be benificial to your career, your beloved and your family. There are various ways of earning money, as long it doesn’t damaged yourlife or leave you with unhappy memories.

    Stay touched.

  30. whuzdatgurl

    I wanted to write a long comment but after reading the other comments, I felt they already spoke my part. I agree with a comment stating that if you do this procedure, you’re implying that men only like girls with big busts. To think from a feminist point of view, I’d go with a NO.

    Money should not be the main reason you’re doing this. A few questions to ponder:

    If they pay you for what “you’re worth”, would you still be happy 30 years down the road? Can that amount pay back the negative perceptions the public have on you sincr you’re a public figure? Would you be happy (with no regrets) making that decision? Would you be proud to say that you’ve done that?

    Well, bust enhancement is still a taboo in a conservative country like Malaysia. You’re a Malaysian celeb, not an international one yet. Yesyes, of course it is always better to get an “enhanced version” of yourself. But you’re still young, enjoy your youth. You cannot reverse what’s in the past.

  31. Anonymous

    Hi Belinda

    People wil always have things to say regardless of whether you stay the same or change…I’m not sure whether it applies in you profession or not. But ultimately i feel if you think it is good then just do it as long as you like it and that it don’t violate your life principle ( of course doing the right thing is of great importance). Don’t care about what people have to say… You can’t shut their mouth anyway…

    My humble opinion

  32. Anonymous

    Yea, ignore the money, and listen to yourself.
    If it’s a good change, and you want it – don’t worry about what others think. It is YOUR life, your body.
    Good luck with the decisions, I am sure all your friends and family will be supporting your choice, whatever it may be ^o^

  33. Anonymous

    Oh, and i assumed that it was plastic surgery. that was the first impression anyway…
    if not, my comment will still be valid. listen to yourself :p
    (hopefully it didn’t sound offend you) ^o^


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