Watch this Space!!

Hey all!

So sorry for the lack of updates. Been super super busy running around the past few weeks, going for acting classes, going for meetings, emceeing events, script readings, image making and rehearsals, add to that, I’m also in the midst of helping a company source for some artistes, as well as a trip to Bangkok for a commercial shoot, I barely have time to sleep!

I guess I can now officially announce that I got myself 2 acting gigs in 2 separate TV series, both Mandarin, which will air on 8TV. Watch out for me in Goodnight DJ 2, as well as 8TV’s anniversary drama – A Time To Embrace(ATTE) coming soon. Both roles are supporting leads and challenging in their own right and I’m so excited to be starting shoot for DJ2 this week and ATTE on August 1st!! 🙂

Another exciting news! This site is going through a revamp!! Hopefully sometime in mid-august, you’ll be able to see a brand spankin’ new and cooler, more sophisticated looking!! 🙂 So, really, watch this space!!

That’s all for now. Take care all and God Bless!!

Love, Bel

2 comments on “Watch this Space!!

  1. Cherry

    Hi belinda,

    I am an avid reader of your blogs and have been following your blogs for quiet a while now. I must say that you always look good and fit. Besides, I notice you have very nice hair too (whether you tie or untie your hair 🙂 ). Do you mind to share with us your tips in taking care of your hair? I have straight hair like you too. Hence, I would be really happy to hear from you on how you manage your hair!

    Thanks and looking forward for your next blog!


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