Travel like a VIP!

Out of all the trips I’ve had the past weekends, only the trip to Bali required me to travel by air. And just so happened, Joe wasn’t around that weekend to send me to the airport. 🙁

So, as I was contemplating on whether to take a cab or get someone to send me to KL Sentral to take the KLIA Ekspres (ERL) to the airport (since I was flying MAS), I was told about this brand new KLIA Ekspres VIP Service!

This service combines a limo pick-up and drop off with the ERL service to or from the airport.

The driver wanted to open to door for me but I asked him to take a picture of me instead!! 🙂

Well, this service is not exactly new, it’s been available for the past few years now, but before, the limo pick-up and drop off was limited to only commercial buildings and hotels but recently, KLIA Ekspres launched an additional service, the send-to-home service – where they pick u up or send you straight home!

So, instead of bothering other people to drive me an hour to the airport, or take a smelly cab with a creepy/perverted cabbie, I get picked up in an executive limo from home (you can share with up to 4 persons!) to Sentral, free porter service, and with the ERL leaving every 15-20 mins, I can travel in style without breaking a sweat (or a nail lugging my luggage!) and get to the airport in no time!

KLIA Ekspres Representative greeting me at Sentral

Porter with my bag

At the Departure Terminal

I was handed my ERL ticket by the KLIA Ekspres Rep…

… and he even escorted me to the check-in area

The beauty about taking the ERL is that you can check-in and drop off your luggage here in Sentral, and go straight to your departure gate once you’re at the airport. (No worries, my bags arrived safe and sound in Bali!)

This check-in service is currently available if you’re traveling on MAS, Royal Brunei, Cathay and Emirates with more to come in the near future.

And if you want to hang out in KL just that little bit longer, there are lots of amenities at KL Sentral – Banks to do your last minute money exchange and cafes like Coffee Bean to get your coffee fix while waiting for your travel partners (like I did…;))

Not only is it the fastest way to get to the airport (only 28 minutes!), there are no worries of traffic and taking the ERL is also a “green” way to travel!!

You can travel to the airport with more friends and also make new friends from all over the world in the half an hour train ride! 🙂

They also provide the send-to-home service for your inbound trip!

On the trip back, I was greeted at the baggage reclaim hall after immigration

I was given my train ticket and assigned a porter to accompany me throughout the journey to Sentral

Yes, the porter actually escorts you to Sentral in the train and once there, he will help you unload your bags and guide you to your awaiting limo ride!

It’s convenient, it’s fast, it’s comfortable and you’re given 1st class treatment all the way! So the next time you travel and have no transport to the airport, pamper yourself and travel like a VIP with the KLIA Ekspres send-to-home VIP Service!

For more information on this send-to-home VIP Service, go to this website, or be a fan!

Love, Bel

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