Weekends away~

So I just realised, I’ve been away for the past 5 weekends!! Oh…. woe is me!! ;P hehehe….

First, in May on my birthday weekend,  Joe and I did a lil road trip around the East Coast to Cherating and Kuala Terengganu.

Watching people fly stunt kites on Cherating beach

Relaxing by the river/lake/sea(??) at Riyaz Heritage Resort, Pulau Duyung, Terengganu.

Then, the weekend after, I was in Perhentian for a diving trip and got my Advanced Open Water Diver License.

With the Dolphin Sport Adventure Team!

With brothers Chow Wei and Chow Kuan and our si-fu’s, Lee and Cyrena after receiving our Advanced Certs!

The first weekend of June, I went to Bali with 10 other girls for my girl friend’s Hens Party!

This is the beautiful bride-to-be, Elaine. We’re both from Kuching and attended tuition together!

The bride with all her hens! 10 out of the 11 girls here are from Kuching! Told you Kuching girls are “tha-bomb”! 🙂

And, I just got back from Singapore last weekend for Claire’s 1st birthday! Yes, she’s already 1! Can you believe it? Kids grow up so fast, don’t they?!

Looking more and more like daddy….

She started walking at 10 months and is now capable of running away from her parents! hehehe…

While in Singapore, we managed to visit the newly opened Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino.

Tried my luck at the Roulette table and my birthdate won me $360!! 🙂

Inside the Casino. Lots of space and what I liked most was that there were 2 floors – one for smokers and one for non-smokers!

This weekend, Joe and I and both our parents went up to Genting and stayed a night there! Parents went to watch Engelbert Humperdinck live in concert. Since we already went to a casino the weekend before, Joe and I skipped the casino this time around and walked around the First World Mall/Arcade, before joining the rest of the family at the Karaoke and sang the night away! 🙂

I managed to talk Joe into taking Sticker pictures at the arcade!! The last time we took Sticker Pictures was probably about 10 years ago when we first started dating. 🙂 Who said marriage changes everything?!? hehehe….

This will probably be my last weekend away till August when I go for my Europe trip!! Probably…..hehehe..

Oh by the way, I’ll be running 10km(!!) in the Standard Charted KL Marathon next Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish!! Will be all out training this week to make up for the lack of it the past month! hehehe…

Anyways, if you want to know how you can travel in style the next time you have to fly somewhere, well, check back here soon because I’ll tell you how you can travel like a VIP!! 🙂 Till then, take care everyone!!

Love, Bel

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