Wedding(s) – Part 1:Pre Wedding Pictures

Hi all!

I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for me to blog about my wedding(s) – in Kuching and in KL. Not to worry, soon enough HELLO! Magazine will be publishing some exclusive pictures from both the weddings, so do look out for it. Overall, everything went as planned, sure there were little hiccups here and there but I think the hitches actually makes the whole event more memorable and definitely, they’ll make great anecdotes for my children in future.

Anyways, I just got back from my honeymoon in the Maldives early this morning (will reserve this for another post) and I’m just gonna keep this fairly brief. Below is a picture montage of my pre-wedding pictures taken at Pangkor Laut Resort. Joe actually proposed to me while we were holidaying there last year and I thought it would be perfect to take our pre-wedding pictures there as well! I manage to contact the PR person from YTL and they agreed to sponsor Joe and my stay there for the duration of the shoot. So thank you so much YTL! If you ever want to bring your significant other somewhere romantic, look no further than Pangkor Laut Resort. It’s only about 3 hrs drive from KL and they have special all-inclusive packages specially for Malaysians. Do ask them about it!

I decided not to go for a bridal package offered by the many bridal houses because I knew I could get a better deal and also have more control over what I can or cannot do if I work with people that I know from the industry. Carven Ong was kind enough to loan me a couple of gowns for the shoot. And when it comes to who was gonna take my pre-wedding pictures, I only had Eric Chow from Blink Studio in mind. He’s photographed me multiple times for magazine features/covers etc. and I totally trust his taste and his art direction and we get along really well. When I first approached him, he was actually a bit reluctant because he’s never really done a proper-proper wedding shoot, but I managed to convince him and I think he’s done a fabulous job of mixing traditional wedding poses with some more candid and photojournalistic shots, which was what I wanted.

So here it is… I actually edited this myself on iMovie… enjoy! And do leave comments! 🙂

Update: THANKS VIMEO!! Much better quality and with accompanying music! Watch again!

Belinda & Joe Yeow’s Pre-Wedding Picture Montage from Belinda Chee on Vimeo.

Song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (OST Meet Joe Black)

Love, Bel

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  1. Christina

    The video is very nice, I like the wedding montage. It will be best if there’s a romantic song accompany throughout the whole video. =) *congratz*

  2. Sherlyn

    Lovely and sweet couple. Beautiful, natural and perfect wedding shoot. Congratulation and wish both of u Happy ever after !

  3. Anis

    Hi Bel .

    woww nice montage. all of the pictures looks awesome and u look really beautiful 🙂 i’m looking forward for another post ok. really miss watching u on Quickie lahh 🙁 anyway, take care and have a good one bel !

  4. goingkookies

    OMG!! nice montage!!

    and u look so gorgeous in every shot even in just a simple white dress!

    gosh. i wished i would look just as pretty in my future shots =)

    all d best to you and your partner in your journey in life together!!

  5. kevin

    congrates to u bel!! u look so gorgeous in every pic taken as the wedding montage is beautiful & sweet on u!!
    both of u are lovely and sweet couple.
    n prefect match to be =]

    all the best!!

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  7. dolylace

    Bel, u are so gorgeous….


    N the video are so romantic..

    U r both really awesome!!!!

    Hope u r both happily ever after…

    Miss u bel.

    I am ur biggest fan…



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