Wedding(s): Part 2: The Journey So Far

Since my wedding, a lot of people have asked me if anything has changed, and to be honest, I don’t feel like anything has changed, not with my relationship with Joe at least. We’ve been together for 9 years now and the whole wedding reception and all is more of a formality than anything else. Although I still find it a bit weird to call my parents-in-law, father and mother….. (I actually try to avoid it as much as I can or acknowledge them as quietly as possible, which may seem a bit rude…. just for now I guess, until I get the hang of it….:P) and living under the same roof with my new family, I have to accept that a marriage is as much the joining of 2 individuals as the joining to 2 different families. And you can’t get 2 families more different than ours. But still, they now have one thing in common, Joe and myself.

We had 2 celebrations spread out to 2 weekends, one in Kuching and one in KL and I got to experience the best of both western and eastern customs to weddings. In Kuching, since I am Catholic, we got married in my childhood church, St Joseph’s Cathedral, and then we had tea ceremony (my side of the family) and lunch at Merdeka Palace Hotels and Suites, and then dinner reception was at Hornbill Restaurant in Sarawak Club.

In KL, we had the whole bridal pickup in the morning with my ‘sisters’ torturing Joe’s ‘brothers’ then tea ceremony and lunch at Joe’s family home and then dinner reception was at the Grand Ballroom in Shangri-La Hotel. It was tiring, having 2 separate weddings I tell you…. but well, like they always say, it’s once in a lifetime right? 😉

Before the walk-in, we actually played this photo montage which I’ve dubbed, ‘The Journey So Far..’ It’s sort of a tribute to both our families and also had pictures of Joe and I growing up and growing together.

I edited this one as well….(yes, I’m a bit of a control freak and since I was a Mass Comm major and did all the editing and filming aspects of TV/Film production before I became a host, I’m putting my knowledge to good use!)…so enjoy! And please don’t get shocked when you see me in my ‘tomboy’ stage….:P

The Journey So Far… from Belinda Chee on Vimeo.

Song by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis – At The Beginning (OST Disney’s Anastasia)

Love, Bel

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  1. fido

    Thanks for sharing all those great pictures. Yeah, the “tomboy” pictures don’t look like you, and you sure have grown out of it fast.

    Congratulations and all the best to both of you as you start your journey of a lifetime.

  2. Rozie

    Hey Bel…congratulations on your wedding….wishing you & your husband many-many days filled with tender & crazy kisses and a great number of unexpected gifts of fortune..Take care and enjoy your honeymoon!

    “Love is an incurable illness, but whoever suffers from it wishes never to recover.”

  3. nic lee

    congratulations, belinda and joe… love the video… love that song too, sang by richard max and donna lewis entitled ‘at the beginning’…

  4. Steve

    Hey Bel,

    Thanks for sharing all those nice nice picture and video…is really awesome….hahah…i was jus finished watching ur KL wedding part 2 at (…..your “sister” is having a very creative games…. i have never see it before…hahahaha…one question here: Having 2 wedding party in the different place is it spend a lot of money and times for pre-preparation?

    Congratulations to both of u…

  5. Qian

    congratulations, Bel and Joe!
    Thanks for sharing all those nice pictures that u have compiled into a video!!
    Have a long and happy life together! 🙂


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