Wedding(s): Part 3 – HELLO! Magazine

So my wedding pictures are already out in the November issue of HELLO! Magazine. Here are a couple of pages I scanned for you guys to check out. Of course, for the full coverage, you’d have to go get yourself a copy of the mag!! 😉

There are 7 pages of pictures in total together with an accompanying article. And if I may, there are a couple of print-errors that I’d like to point out here…

  1. Joe’s surname is ENG, not NG (as printed). His full name is Eng Joe Yeow, he doesn’t have an English name but most people just call him Joe, which is actually the first half of his chinese name!
  2. Auntie Juliet who helped with the planning of my Kuching wedding is not my mum’s sister, she’s a family friend, my mum is actually her Godmother!

I was away in Maldives when this went to print and I did the interview in a hurry, so the writer probably heard me wrongly or it’s all just typing errors, but whatever it is, all in all, it’s a nice article and I have to thank Andy Kho for all the great pictures!!

I need to also thank:

  • DeGem for letting me wear their wonderfully expensive blingsss. I was wearing a diamond necklace from The Lazare Diamond, Shattering Fire Collection with my Carven Ong wedding gown and I paired my evening cheongsam from Alvin Tay with a pair of beautiful yellow pearl and diamond earrings from the DeGem Pearl Collection.
  • Lewre Couture for custom making my 2 pairs of shoes for me. I had so much trouble looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes until Carven suggested that I go look for Lewre. When I went to their couture boutique at The Gardens, where they only sell custom-made shoes, I manage to find 2 pairs which I absolutely love! They were made-to-measure, and although I asked for 4-inch high heels, they were so so comfortable, I didn’t get any new shoe blisters and they were my first two pairs of Swarovski embedded heels!
  • Leticia Hsu, the Grand Sorceress from Events Wizard, my wedding planner here in KL, for handling everything from washing my tea cups in the morning to co-ordinating the entire reception. I was so relaxed throughout the day because I didn’t have to worry about a thing and Leticia and her crew were all there to make sure everything ran smoothly. If you’re planning a wedding, and you don’t have many contacts or friends to help you out, I think you should definitely spend that extra bit of money to hire a wedding planner!

That’s about all for now. Keep checking back coz next up will be my Honeymoon post. hehehe….

Weddings overload!!

Love, Bel

0 comments on “Wedding(s): Part 3 – HELLO! Magazine

  1. Kim Ong

    Hi Bel, I just wanna say – Congratulations! You both look really good together, a real picture perfect. 😉 Very classy and nice. And yes, Andy Kho is awesome!!!

    So you married a Joe Eng. Well, I married a Jo Ng.

    XOXO My honeymoon will be belated – happening only end of this year. Have fun k! More pics!!! 🙂 XOXO

  2. Mei

    Hi Bel~!

    The wedding videos and pics look awesome! I’m sure you had a wonderful wonderful time! This is only the beginning…. May your journey together with Joe be filled with many many memorable moments.

    Congratulations again!! Looking forward to your honeymoon updates! XOXO


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