Wedding(s) : Part 5 – Gowns and Dresses

As you all know, my wedding gown was made by Carven Ong.

Material: Duchess Satin and French Lace, with tulle underneath

Cut: Empire Mermaid with short train and scalloped lace ending.

I definitely made full use of the dress,

I wore it during the Church Ceremony in Kuching,

morning Bridal Pickup in KL,

and it was the gown I wore for the 1st walk in at KL’s Dinner reception.

For my dinner reception in Kuching, I wore my one shoulder Karen Millen evening gown. It was the same one I wore to present an award at Anugerah Skrin last year. Joe bought the dress for me as a surprise then, so the dress is very special to me. I have yet to receive most of my dinner pictures yet, so here’s a picture of Joe and I walking in for our Kuching dinner taken by a friend.

As for the tea ceremony in Kuching, I wore a red-sequined cheongsam I had custom made when I went to Beijing last year.

My evening gown for KL’s dinner reception is made by Alvin Tay.

Material: Thai Silk and French Lace trimmings.

Cut: Halter Mermaid with laced lower back and long train

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the back of the dress but if you can imagine from this picture, the lace tapers down to a nice little U shape at the back, covering my lower back.

With SerenaC, who emceed the dinner in KL.

Taken by my makeup artist/hairsylist – Hebe. Look out for her in my next and final wedding post -Hair and Makeup!  Joe’s Bow Tie and Cummberbund was also custom made by Alvin Tay in the same material as my evening gown.

As for the tea ceremony in KL. I wore a traditional ‘Kua’. This particular one belonged to Joe’s family friend who used to own a Bridal shop in Pahang.  Joe’s sister wore this ‘Kua’ as well when she got married 5 years ago so it’s sort of passed down. 🙂

Most of the sequins were falling off already so I took the ‘Kua’ for restoration at ‘Emerald Brilliant’ in One Utama. They custom make cheongsam there as well.

Gold ‘Jessica Simpson’ Shoes from Tangs in Pavilion.

Back of the ‘Kua’. The entire ‘Kua’ was filled with sequins and beads, so it was pretty heavy.

My bridesmaids’ Gold-Beige tube dresses were not custom made. I bought them from ‘dressme’ in One Utama (Old Wing).

With Erin (left) and Claire (right)

It’s an empire cut tube dress with lace and sequin details along the stomach and a small ribbon around the waist. When I saw it I knew it’ll go well with my wedding gown so I decided to buy it off the rack and had it altered to fit my bridesmaids.

Remember to check back for my final wedding post on my makeup and hairstlyes soon!!

Love, Bel

11 comments on “Wedding(s) : Part 5 – Gowns and Dresses

  1. goingkookies

    OMG!! You’re sooo gorgeous. There’s no way I am going to even look half as gorgeous as you!!

    You look really sweet and beautiful in your white wedding Carven Ong dress. And i, too want to wear a one side shoulder dress for my wedding dinner in future.

    Oooh… if only I had the funds or anyone to sponsor such gorgeous gowns!

    Love your wedding series!!

  2. serine

    dear bel…

    actually met u a couple of times during unsw days but then dont think u remmeber me.. anyway by any chance u still have the contact for the cheongsam maker in beijing? i love it and want to make one!


  3. Evelyn

    l love the karen millen gold one shoulder dress, any chance you are selling it cos i cant find it anymore. its gorgeous!!


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