Monthly Archives: February 2005

Sunday February 27, 2005

Last night, (26/02/04) I was at Shangri La KL, attending Joe’s sister, Jer Lin’s wedding dinner. It was a grand occasion and everyone got pissed drunk (except for good ol’ me of course, who only had a glass of red wine). I was made events coordinator for the night, cueing the band, the hotel and the emcee to do what they’re supposed to do on schedule. Everything went on as planned, […]

Sunday February 20, 2005

Hi guys!! Just came back from Singapore today. Attended my sister’s marriage registration ceremony. It was intended to be an ‘immediate family’ only event but for them to be able to use the hotel pool deck…they had to invite a minimum of 50 people. So…it became quite a big event. It was a bit surreal watching my one and only older sister saying I do and exchanging rings, felt as if i was watching TV.  […]

Saturday February 12, 2005

Kung Hei Fatt Choi!! I know I’m a bit late…just got back from Bali on Friday night. Bali was ok, it rained almost every evening, making it difficult for us to go shopping for souvenirs. We did a bit of snorkling, but the fishes are so few and small. But i guess it was a good, relaxing vacation with the family….an escape from the crazy CNY celebrations here. Will have some pictures […]