Monthly Archives: March 2005

Thursday March 31, 2005

As usual, I had my whole entry ready to submit and the whole thing just disappeared. Anyways, today’s entry is going to be about work again….but this time hopefully it’ll be a lil’ bit more interesting because it has been an interesting week for me at work. Had a couple of ‘first times’ this week. Covered my first ever press conference and concert on Tuesday for the band Simple Plan!! And tonight, I […]

Monday March 21, 2005

Hi guys, Am at work right now. Waiting for the show to start. I’m in the post of Assistant Studio Director this week. Much easier than VT coz all i have to do is to redecorate the set and take in callers to win prizes. In another 2 weeks I’ll be back in Sydney!! hehehe…can’t wait! I’ll be in Sydney from the 6th to the 12th April. I want to […]

Thursday March 10, 2005

Today (10th) was a total chaos. I was at work and in the middle of watching through some tapes for editing in the mini studio, which is on the 1st floor, the fire alarm starts to ring. I thought it was a fire drill and when I went out, I saw people walking towards the stairs and thought maybe i’d better go too. I only had my mobile phone with me then, my bag and keys and things […]