Monthly Archives: October 2005

Monday October 31, 2005

In a blink of an eye a whole year is nearly gone. I asked myself last night what have I done this year that’s been productive and I realised that I’ve bummed almost half the year away. Sad but true. But I hope that will change from now on. Anyways, I have been busy the whole of last week. I just came back from Singapore last night, I’ll explain what […]

Saturday October 22, 2005

I didn’t end up cooking for the orphans after all, the professionals did it for us! (I didn’t lie Andy, it was just a last minute change in plans, I’m sure you were like totally glad coz you were planning to just fry eggs!! )The 4 of us- myself, Andy, Roshan and Vig -were there at the Grand Seasons Hotel last night entertaining(or being bullied, more like it) a whole […]

Thursday October 20, 2005

My first ever fashion spread is out!! November’s Citta Bella. Pg 162-165. Hehe…so exciting. If i can find a scanner, I’ll scan it and post it here. Some of the clothes were quite horrendous though, and i looked pretty short and quite bad in most shots, ahaha…but whatever….it’s my first ever fashion spread and there’s like 20 of me to look at!!! hahahah….vain vain vain…. Parents coming back tomorrow! And […]