Monthly Archives: November 2005

Tuesday November 29, 2005

Hello guys!! How was your weekend? I had a dance filled weekend. Yea…me dancing queen. Had to dance the whole day Friday for a Celcom shoot, then went to Poppy’s for Jing’s birthday that night, my feet were aching like mad but music was too good to resist. Hopped on to the dance floor when they played my favourite dancing song ‘Amerie- 1 Thing’ and never turned back until we […]

Tuesday November 22, 2005

Just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (translated into Malay as Harry Potter dengan Cawan Berapi…hehehe…) It was alright, very action-packed, but story line was a bit incoherent I thought. And all the hype about that Asian girl in the show….gosh…what a bummer! She only had like…one line!! My biological sleeping clock is all out of whack! Since coming back from Shanghai, I’ve been sleeping […]

Saturday November 19, 2005

I’m sorry that all my pictures are not showing. I’ve already deleted most of the old pictures on my photobucket account but it still wouldn’t show. I’ll try and rectify this asap, if i know how….hehehe… Meanwhile, take a gander at all my other friend’s blog!! -edit- Hurray for Xanga!! They’re giving free picture uploads for us non-premium accounts!! hehehe…